JPS Hebrew-English TANAKH, Pocket Edition (black)

9780827607668: Paperback
Release Date: 17th July 2003

Dimensions: 102 x 152

Number of Pages: 2030

The Jewish Publication Society

JPS Hebrew-English TANAKH, Pocket Edition (black)

Paperback / £19.99

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Now, for the first time, a pocket version of the JPS Hebrew-English TANAKH is available, with the same text and number of pages as the standard edition. Although smaller, the letters, Hebrew vowels, and cantillation marks are crisp and clear. Fitting easily into a backpack or briefcase, this pocket edition will appeal to students and others who need a lightweight, compact version of the popular JPS Hebrew-English Bible. The sturdy coated paper cover, embossed in black with gold lettering, will stand up well, even with heavy use.

"Virtually every rabbi and library will want this volume."—Associated Press

Associated Press