ICA 2021 Film & Screen

Virtual exhibit for the

71st Annual International Communication Association Conference

27-31st May 2021

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Movie Mavens

US Newspaper Women Take On the Movies, 1914-1923

Richard Abel, Richard Abel


University of Illinois Press

30th September 2021

Below the Stars

How the Labor of Working Actors and Extras Shapes Media Production

Kate Fortmueller


University of Texas Press

13th July 2021

Reclaiming Popular Documentary

Christie Milliken, Steve F. Anderson, Ezra Winton, Patricia Aufderheide, Zoë Druick, Devon Coutts, Sabiha Ahmad Khan, Anthony Kinik, Michael Brendan Baker, Allison de Fren, Jonathan Kahana, Shilyh Warren, S. Topiary Landberg, Landon Palmer, Dylan Nelson, Alexandra Juhasz, Rick Prelinger, George S. Larke-Walsh


Indiana University Press

6th July 2021

Screen Shots

State Violence on Camera in Israel and Palestine

Rebecca L. Stein


Stanford University Press

1st June 2021

The Generic Closet

Black Gayness and the Black-Cast Sitcom

Jr. Martin Alfred L.


Indiana University Press

6th April 2021

Media Crossroads

Intersections of Space and Identity in Screen Cultures

Paula J. Massood, Angel Daniel Matos, Pamela Robertson Wojcik


Duke University Press Books

26th March 2021

Deep Mediations

Thinking Space in Cinema and Digital Cultures

Karen Redrobe, Jeff Scheible


University of Minnesota Press

23rd March 2021

Desire After Dark

Contemporary Queer Cultures and Occultly Marvelous Media

Andrew J. Owens


Indiana University Press

2nd March 2021

Josephine Baker's Cinematic Prism

Terri Simone Francis


Indiana University Press

19th January 2021

Physical Characteristics of Early Films as Aids to Identification

New expanded Edition

Camille Bolt-Wellens


Indiana University Press

19th January 2021

Horrible White People

Gender, Genre, and Television's Precarious Whiteness

Taylor Nygaard, Jorie Lagerwey


NYU Press

24th November 2020


At Work, On Screen, and Online

Martin Iddon, Melanie L. Marshall, Emily J. Lordi, Will Fulton, Lisa Colton, Julia Cox, Jaap Kooijman, Omise'eke Natasha Tinsley, Eduardo Viñuela, Mary Fogarty Woehrel, Áine Mangaoang, Melissa Avdeeff


Indiana University Press

17th November 2020

Girl Head

Feminism and Film Materiality

Genevieve Yue


Fordham University Press

10th November 2020

How to Watch Television, Second Edition

Ethan Thompson, Jason Mittell


NYU Press

5th May 2020

Expanded Cinema

Fiftieth Anniversary Edition

Gene Youngblood, R. Buckminster Fuller


Fordham University Press

3rd March 2020

Seeing by Electricity

The Emergence of Television, 1878-1939

Doron Galili


Duke University Press Books

28th February 2020

Spoiler Alert

A Critical Guide

Aaron Jaffe


University of Minnesota Press

29th October 2019

Architectures of Revolt

The Cinematic City circa 1968

Mark Shiel


Temple University Press

1st June 2018


Walter Benjamin and Archival Film Practices

Catherine Russell


Duke University Press Books

28th March 2018

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