ICA 2021 Ethnicity & Race

Virtual exhibit for the

71st Annual International Communication Association Conference

27-31st May 2021

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Racial Erotics

Gay Men of Color, Sexual Racism, and the Politics of Desire

C. Winter Han


University of Washington Press

16th July 2021

The Digitally Disposed

Racial Capitalism and the Informatics of Value

Seb Franklin


University of Minnesota Press

22nd June 2021

Misogynoir Transformed

Black Women’s Digital Resistance

Moya Bailey


NYU Press

1st May 2021

Selected Writings on Race and Difference

Stuart Hall, Paul Gilroy, Ruth Wilson Gilmore


Duke University Press Books

30th April 2021

The Digital Black Atlantic

Roopika Risam, Kelly Baker Josephs


University of Minnesota Press

6th April 2021

The World Computer

Derivative Conditions of Racial Capitalism

Jonathan Beller


Duke University Press Books

26th February 2021

Race and Media

Critical Approaches

Lori Kido Lopez


NYU Press

1st December 2020

Horrible White People

Gender, Genre, and Television's Precarious Whiteness

Taylor Nygaard, Jorie Lagerwey


NYU Press

24th November 2020


At Work, On Screen, and Online

Martin Iddon, Melanie L. Marshall, Emily J. Lordi, Will Fulton, Lisa Colton, Julia Cox, Jaap Kooijman, Omise'eke Natasha Tinsley, Eduardo Viñuela, Mary Fogarty Woehrel, Áine Mangaoang, Melissa Avdeeff


Indiana University Press

17th November 2020

Laughing to Keep from Dying

African American Satire in the Twenty-First Century

Danielle Fuentes Morgan


University of Illinois Press

22nd October 2020

The Dark Fantastic

Race and the Imagination from Harry Potter to the Hunger Games

Ebony Elizabeth Thomas


NYU Press

22nd September 2020

Weird Westerns

Race, Gender, Genre

Kerry Fine, Michael K. Johnson, Rebecca M. Lush, Sara L. Spurgeon



1st August 2020

Racialized Media

The Design, Delivery, and Decoding of Race and Ethnicity

Matthew W. Hughey, Emma González-Lesser


NYU Press

28th July 2020

Open World Empire

Race, Erotics, and the Global Rise of Video Games

Christopher B. Patterson


NYU Press

26th May 2020

Are You Entertained?

Black Popular Culture in the Twenty-First Century

Simone C. Drake, Dwan K. Henderson


Duke University Press Books

28th February 2020

Ebony Magazine and Lerone Bennett Jr.

Popular Black History in Postwar America

E. James West


University of Illinois Press

31st January 2020

Race and the Revolutionary Impulse in The Spook Who Sat by the Door

Michael T. Martin, David C. Wall, Marilyn Yaquinto, Christine A. Acham, Samantha N. Sheppard, Sam Greenlee


Indiana University Press

1st March 2018

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