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  1. Shostakovich's Music for Piano Solo
    The piano works of Dmitri Shostakovich (1906–1975) are among the most treasured musical compositions of the 20th century. In this volume, pianist and Russian music scholar Sofia Moshevich provides detailed interpretive analyses... Learn More
    Published: 28th May 2015
    Hardback | £45.00
  2. Clavichord for Beginners
    Written by Joan Benson, one of the champions of clavichord performance in the 20th century, Clavichord for Beginners is an exceptional method book for both practitioners and enthusiasts. In addition to detailing the historical... Learn More
    Published: 25th April 2014
    Paperback | £41.00
  3. Rachmaninoff's Complete Songs
    Sergei Rachmaninoff—the last great Russian romantic and arguably the finest pianist of the late 19th and early 20th centuries—wrote 83 songs, which are performed and beloved throughout the world. Like German Lieder and French... Learn More
    Published: 22nd April 2014
    Hardback | £45.00
  4. Guide to the Pianist's Repertoire, Fourth Edition
    Guide to the Pianist’s Repertoire continues to be the go-to source for piano performers, teachers, and students. Newly updated and expanded with more than 250 new composers, this incomparable resource expertly guides readers... Learn More
    Published: 3rd December 2013
    Hardback | £68.00
  5. Historical Harpsichord Technique
    Yonit Lea Kosovske surveys early music and writing about keyboard performance with the aim of facilitating the development of an expressive tone in the modern player. Reviewing the work of the pedagogues and performers of the... Learn More
    Published: 11th July 2011
    Hardback | £27.99
  6. Famous Pianists and Their Technique, New Edition
    Famous Pianists and Their Technique has been a standard in the field since its first publication in 1974. This widely used and acclaimed history of piano technical thought includes insights into the techniques of masters such... Learn More
    Published: 26th April 2007
    Paperback | £33.00
  7. Music Musique
    Music Musique is a study of American and French composers active in the late 19th through early 20th centuries and the influence of jazz on their compositional styles. Starting with a look at the formation of American and French... Learn More
    Published: 16th August 2006
    Hardback | £23.99
  8. The Piano in Chamber Ensemble, Second Edition
    The Piano in Chamber Ensemble describes more than 3,200 compositions, from duos to octets, by more than 1,600 composers. It is divided into sections according to the number of instruments involved, then subdivided according to... Learn More
    Published: 4th April 2006
    Hardback | £38.00
  9. Music for More than One Piano
    Now in paperback!Music for More than One Piano An Annotated GuideMaurice HinsonWhen one piano is simply not enough.Maurice Hinson’s [Music for More than One Piano] ought not only to stand in the bookshelf for reference, but... Learn More
    Published: 9th July 2001
    Paperback | £17.99
  10. The Pianist's Guide to Transcriptions, Arrangements, and Paraphrases
    Now in paperback!The Pianist’s Guide to Transcrip-tions, Arrange-ments, and Paraphrases Maurice HinsonLists transcriptions for piano from orchestral and other compositions, more than 2,000 works in all."... a thorough... Learn More
    Published: 22nd February 2001
    Paperback | £15.99
  11. Bartók for Piano
    ... detailed and thorough... a wealth of information... David Yeomans deserves our thanks for a job exceedingly well done." —American Music Teacher... a must for pianists... " —American Reference Book AnnualDavid Yeomans’s... Learn More
    Published: 22nd June 2000
    Paperback | £13.99
  12. The Pianist’s Bookshelf
    This useful volume should be on every pianist’s bookshelf." —Piano & Keyboard... a unique and valuable tool for teachers, students, performers... " —Library JournalThe Pianist’s Bookshelf comes to the rescue of pianists... Learn More
    Published: 22nd May 1998
    Paperback | £18.99
  13. Music for Piano and Orchestra, Enlarged Edition
    ... an indispensable reference work that can be read with enjoyment for its gold mine of information, much of which will be unfamiliar to even the most jaded keyboard enthusiast." —Clavier "... a marvel of comprehensiveness...... Learn More
    Published: 22nd September 1993
    Paperback | £23.99
  14. The Pianist’s Guide to Pedaling
    ... a most precious book which every serious pianist and teacher must own." —Journal of the American Liszt SocietyJoseph Banowetz and four distinguished contributors provide practical suggestions and musicological insights on... Learn More
    Published: 22nd September 1992
    Paperback | £18.99
  15. Masters of the Keyboard, Enlarged Edition
    ... fluently written and often humorous... " —Notes... should be required reading for performers and teachers." —The Eighteenth CenturyKonrad Wolff characterizes in detail the personal musical language of several great masters... Learn More
    Published: 22nd July 1990
    Paperback | £21.99