Vichy France and the Jews

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Release Date: 17th September 2019

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Release Date: 17th September 2019

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Edition: 2nd Edition

Stanford University Press

Vichy France and the Jews

Second Edition

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When Vichy France and the Jews was first published in France in 1981, the reaction was explosive. Before the appearance of this groundbreaking book, the question of the Vichy regime's cooperation with the Third Reich had been suppressed. Michael Marrus and Robert O. Paxton were the first to access closed archives that revealed the extent of Vichy's complicity in the Nazi effort to eliminate the Jews.

Since the book's original publication, additional archives have been opened, and the role of the French state in the deportation of Jews to the Nazi death factories is now openly acknowledged. This new edition integrates over thirty years of subsequent scholarship, and incorporates research on French public opinion and the diversity of responses by French civilians to the campaign of persecution they witnessed around them. This classic account remains central to the historiography of France and the Holocaust, and in its revised edition, is more important than ever for understanding the Vichy government's role in the darkest atrocity of the twentieth century.

Michael R. Marrus is a Canadian historian of the Holocaust, modern European and Jewish history. He is the author, most recently, of Lessons of the Holocaust (2015).Robert O. Paxton is Mellon Professor Emeritus of Social Science at Columbia University and the author of The Anatomy of Fascism (2004), among other titles.

"Widely acclaimed as the definitive account of Vichy's anti-Semitic policies and practices, Marrus and Paxton's new edition ofVichy France and the Jewsincorporates both the voluminous scholarship and newly available archival materials that have appeared since their first edition. With their thorough revisions, the book maintains its position as the foundational text for anyone interested in this fateful chapter of French history."

Sarah Fishman
author of From Vichy to the Sexual Revolution: Gender and Family Life in Postwar France

"Marrus and Paxton's Vichy France and the Jews, which radically changed the perspective on an overlooked topic, remains four decades later the best and most complete analysis of Vichy's antisemitic policy. This new updated edition, which has been unanimously acclaimed as a rare achievement in its French version, comes at the right time, when dark times seem to knock at the door of the world."

Renée Poznanski
Ben Gurion University of the Negev