Women, State, and Party in Eastern Europe

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Release Date: 10th February 1986

Number of Pages: 469

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Women, State, and Party in Eastern Europe

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These essays, by American, Canadian, and East European scholars, provide a comprehensive look at the status of women in Eastern Europe, with particular emphasis on the postwar situation.

Tables and Figures vii
Acknowledgments xi
Foreword xiii
Introduction / Sharon L. Wolchik 1
I. Conditioning Factors
1. Feminism, Socialism, and Nationalism in Eastern Europe / Alfred G. Meyer 13
2. The Precommunist Legacy, Economic Development, Social Transformation, and Women's Roles in Eastern Europe / Sharon L. Wolchik 31
II. Women in the Precommunist Period
Introduction / Sharon L. Wolchik 47
3. Medical Education for Women in Austria: A Study in the Politics of the Czech Women's Movement in the 1890s / Karen Johnson Freeze 51
4. Women in the First Czechoslovak Republic / Bruce M. Garver 64
5. Ukrainian Feminism in Interwar Poland / Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak 82
6. Peasant Women of Croatia in the Interwar Years / Mary E. Reed 98
III. Women and Politics
Introduction / Sharon L. Wolchik 115
7. Women in Romanian Politics: Elena Ceausescu, Pronatalism, and the Promotion of Women / Mary Ellen Fischer 121
8. From Courtyard to Cabinet: The Political Emergence of Albanian Women / John Kolsti 138
9. Women in Local Communist Politics in Romania and Poland / Daniel N. Nelson 152
10. Women in the Opposition in Poland and Czechoslovakia / Barbara W. Jancar 168
IV. Women and Work: Production and Reproduction
Introduction / Sharon L. Wolchik 189
11. The Socioeconomic Conditions of Women in Hungary / Rozsa Kulcsar 195
12. Theory and Reality: The Status of Employed Women in Yugoslavia / Silva Meznaric 214
13. Blue-Collar Working Women and Poverty in Hungary / Ivan Volgyes 221
14. The Rights of Women: Ideology, Policy, and Social Change in Yugoslavia / Susan L. Woodward 234
15. Social Services for Women and Childcare Facilities in Eastern Europe / Bodgan Bieczkowski 257
16. Demographic Policy and Sexual Equality: Value Conflicts and Policy Appraisal in Hungary and Romania / Robert J. McIntyre 270
17. Passage to Motherhood: Personal and Social "Management" of Reproduction in Czechoslovakia in the 1980s / Alena Heitlinger 286
V. Women's Voices
Introduction / Alfred G. Meyer 303
18. Women, Work, and Gender Equality in Poland: Reality and Its Social Perception / Renata Siemienska 305
19. The Rites of Women: Oral Poetry, Ideology, and the Socialization of Peasant Women in Contemporary Romania / Gail Kligman 323
20. The Emancipation of Women in Fact and Fiction: Changing Roles in GDR Society and Literature / Dorothy Rosenberg 344
Notes 362
Editors and Contributors 429
Index 434