Winners and Losers

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Release Date: 3rd April 1984

Number of Pages: 344

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Winners and Losers

Social and Political Polarities in America

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Leading sociologist Irving Louis Horowitz examines the response social science has made to contemporary subjects and issues: the so-called "new class" of the intelligentsia, the ecology movement, social planning, alienation, privatization, anomie, the threat of nuclear war. Horowitz evaluates as a social scientist the question of values—those disclosed through analysis, and those threatened by it—and discusses the overall political and moral impact of knowledge and methodology in social science.

Acknowledgments ix
Introduction xiii
I. Society
1. Class Composition and Competition 3
2. Holy Ghosts in Ethnic Closets 20
3. Environmental Options versus Economic Imperatives 40
4. Unlimited Equality and Limited Growth 47
5. Winners and Losers 63
6. Presenting the Self for Social Immortality 78
7. Alienation and the Social System 83
8. Futurology and Millenarian Visions 89
II. Polity
9. Interest Groups and Political Partisans 105
10. Bureaucracy, Administration, and State Power 115
11. Political Bases of Equity Goals 126
12. From the New Deal to the New Federalism 143
13. Transnational Terrorism, Civil Liberties, and the Social Fabric 158
14. Routinized Terrorism and Its Unanticipated Consequences 169
15. Revolution, Retribution, and Redemption 177
16. Marginality, Originality, and Rootless Cosmopolitanism 192
III. Ideology
17. Left-wing Fascism 209
18. Multiplication of Marxism 220
19. Methodology, Ideology, and Society 232
20. Developmental Dilemmas 246
21. Advocacy and Neutrality in Research 256
22. Language, Truth, and Politics 269
23. Moral Development and Authoritarian Distemper 276
24. Moral Implications of Social Science Disputations 289
Notes 303
Index 323