University Press Week 2022

The theme of this year’s University Press Week is #NextUP – celebrating and reflecting the spirit of ongoing adaptation, change, and learning across the University Press community.

Blog Tour

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CAP’s 25th Anniversary

We saw our 25th anniversary as the perfect way to celebrate the very best of our University Presses’ output. We gathered together key titles from their backlists, highlighting books that have sold well, speak to a particular moment, or were influential in their field. Look back over 25 years in CAP books – and we look forward to finding out what is #NextUP

CAP’s 25th Anniversary: the books

A Note from the Managing Director on the past, present, and future for CAP

#NextUP Gallery

The books and series chosen by participating member presses evoke the forward-looking spirit of this year’s celebration – we’ve gathered together the CAP member presses’ choices:

Cornell University Press: Pink Triangle Legacies by W. Jake Newsome

Duke University Press: The forthcoming Practices series, edited by Margaret Grebowicz

New York University Press: Hereafter, by Vona Groarke

Ohio University Press: Reimagining Realism, edited by Charles A. Johanningsmeier and Jessica E. McCarthy

University of Pennsylvania Press: Critical Studies in Risk and Disaster Studies Series (& the Critical Disaster Studies Journal)

UBC Press: The Landmark Cases in Canadian Law Series

University of Nebraska of Press: Cotton Candy, by Ted Kooser

University of Notre Dame: An Inconvenient Apocalypse

University of Washington Press: A Drum in One Hand, a Sockeye in the Other, by Charlotte Coté

Also featured are the New York ReLit Imprint from Fordham University Press, and the Journal of Finnish Studies, from the University of Illinois Press

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