University Press Week 2021

This week marks the tenth annual University Press Week, and to celebrate the many ways university press publishing has evolved and excelled over the last decade, the Association of University Presses (AUPresses) has chosen “Keep UP” as the theme.

“Keep UP” is significant in a time when great change has come to all quarters of book publishing and the media. For university presses, the past decade has presented opportunities that have allowed these nonprofit publishers  to explore new ways to reach readers, amplify ideas, and sustain scholarly communities while remaining steadfast in their commitment to advancing knowledge.

What better way to celebrate the diversity, uniqueness, and broad range of titles published by University Presses, than to share our Essential Reads from across our sixteen publishers? The books we have chosen – from a huge list of contenders – represent a collection of must-reads for everyone, and not just scholars and students. We’ve put together a list that, we believe, proves how our presses #KeepUP with new ideas, scholarly advances, and the most current “hot topics.”

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Highlights from the CAP Presses include:

Temple University Press: On their 50 year history & evolution.

Duke University Press: On innovation & collaboration through their Scholarly Publishing Collective

University of Notre Dame Press: On the innovation made possible by a NEH Cares Grant

Temple University Press: On their collaborative imprint, North Broad Press

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