Essential Reads 2021 – Part Two

We’ve put together a collection of books that we’re recommending as essential reading for 2021. These new and forthcoming releases offer a general audience a depth of understanding and some fresh approaches across a wide range of important subjects. More than that, we feel the selection highlights the unique and diverse publishing offered by the University Presses we represent. Read on to find out which books we’ve chosen, and our reasons for choosing them.

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Creator Culture
An Introduction to Global Social Media Entertainment

Why we chose it: The ways artists reach their audiences and earn a living are changing, and the number of people exploring these new routes to market has grown significantly over this past year. The trends and platforms outlined are here to stay and this is essential reading for anyone working in the arts today.

New York University Press

Attending to Body and Earth in Distress

Why we chose it: We love how this book approaches the perennial discussion about the health of our planet. By illustrating the links between our own bodily health and that of the planet’s, this makes not only a unique contribution to the discussion but challenges us to engage with it in an immediate and embodied way.

University of Minnesota Press

The Huawei Model
The Rise of China’s Technology Giant

Why we chose it: We were interested to learn how the influence of tech manufacturers has grown to the point that they now offer tools so strong that countries have decided to ban them. Huawei’s case is fascinating both because of the rapid growth of the company and because of the political issues behind it. 

University of Illinois Press

Management as a Calling
Leading Business, Serving Society

Why we chose it: If we are to ‘build back better’ post-pandemic, it is crucial that business leaders recognise their responsibility – and the power they possess – to improve society and the world we live in. Hoffman’s book is a timely challenge to the business leaders of today and the business schools that provide the executives of tomorrow, to use their influence and market dynamics, to create something more than just profit or shareholder value.

Stanford University Press

Reproducing Racism
How Everyday Choices Lock In White Advantage

Why we chose it: Racial inequality continues to be one of the most discussed issues of our day, this book explores the structural issues why this inequality is still a contemporary problem.

New York University Press

Identity Capitalists
The Powerful Insiders Who Exploit Diversity to Maintain Inequality

Why we chose it: With practical tools to help recognise and respond to those who exploit diversity and the raised public interest in it, we think this is an eye-opening and essential read, especially in light of, for example, the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as issues of performative allyship. 

Stanford University Press

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