Beyond Mexico

9780886292492: Hardback
Release Date: 15th March 1995

Number of Pages: 272

Series Changing American Series

McGill-Queen's University Press

Beyond Mexico

Hardback / £91.00

As a result of the North American Free Trade Agreement Canada's relations with Mexico and Latin America have reached a turning point both politically and economically. Beyond Mexico is a timely assessment of the dynamic state and the prospects of Canada's relations with Latin America. Every day, trade developments under nafta are redefining political, economic and social connections between Canada, Mexico and the United States. In this well-documented, policy-relevant and eminently accessible study, specialists address the challenges raised by non-governmental organizations, security and human rights issues, inter-municipal exchange programs, Canada's membership in the Organization of American States, and by successive crises in Haiti. This collection looks beyond NAFTA to explore the range and realities of Canada's involvement in the entire hemisphere.