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  1. Market Rules
    Market Rules explains in accessible language how federal laws, regulatory rulings, and bankers' decisions shaped the financial industry as it existed at the time of the 2008 financial crisis.... Learn More
    Published: 11th December 2018
    Hardback | £31.00
  2. Sovereign Soldiers
    In Sovereign Soldiers, historian Grant Madsen tells the story of military leaders who took on an unfamiliar and often untold policymaking role during the occupation of Germany and Japan after World War II, applying a range of... Learn More
    Published: 24th April 2018
    Hardback | £34.00
  3. Risk and Ruin
    With Risk and Ruin, Gavin Benke places Enron's fall within the larger history of late twentieh-century American capitalism. In many ways, Benke argues, Enron was emblematic of the transitions that characterized the era.... Learn More
    Published: 13th March 2018
    Hardback | £26.99
  4. Liquid Capital
    In the nineteenth century, politicians transformed a disease-infested bog on the shore of Lake Michigan into an intensely managed waterscape supporting the life and economy of Chicago. Liquid Capital shows how Chicago's waterfront... Learn More
    Published: 22nd November 2017
    Hardback | £38.00
  5. Sound Business
    Sound Business tunes in on a neglected aspect of U.S. media history, the role newspaper owners played in the development of radio. This rigorously researched and balanced history of the news business and government regulation... Learn More
    Published: 17th October 2016
    Paperback | £18.99
  6. Destructive Creation
    Offering a groundbreaking account of the inner workings of the "arsenal of democracy," Destructive Creation suggests how the struggle to define its heroes and villains has continued to shape economic and political development... Learn More
    Published: 6th July 2016
    Hardback | £34.00
    Paperback | £20.99
  7. Remaking the Rust Belt
    Remaking the Rust Belt tells the story of how local leaders throughout the Rust Belt adapted internationally circulating ideas about postindustrial redevelopment to create the jobs and amenities they believed would attract middle-class... Learn More
    Published: 31st May 2016
    Hardback | £38.00
  8. Roaring Metropolis
    Roaring Metropolis reconstructs the ideas and activism of urban capitalists in the early twentieth century as they advocated extensive government spending on an array of social programs. Focusing on Detroit, Philadelphia, and... Learn More
    Published: 25th March 2016
    Hardback | £34.00
  9. Reform or Repression
    Examining the professional lives of a variety of businessmen and their advocates with the intent of taking their words seriously, Chad Pearson paints a vivid picture of an epic contest between industrial employers and labor, and... Learn More
    Published: 1st December 2015
    Hardback | £42.00
  10. The Metropolitan Airport
    In The Metropolitan Airport, Nicholas Dagen Bloom chronicles the untold story of JFK International's complicated and turbulent relationship with the New York City metropolitan region. It is an indispensable book for those who... Learn More
    Published: 13th August 2015
    Hardback | £29.99
  11. From Main Street to Mall
    Richly illustrated with archival photos, this comprehensive study of the American department store industry traces the changing economic and political contexts that brought about the decline of downtown shopping districts and... Learn More
    Published: 7th May 2015
    Hardback | £26.99
  12. Building the Empire State
    Focusing on the state of New York, home to the first American banks, utilities, canals, and transportation infrastructure projects, Building the Empire State examines the origins of American capitalism by tracing how and why business... Learn More
    Published: 7th May 2015
    Hardback | £38.00
  13. The Long Gilded Age
    Presenting a new twist on classic themes of American economic and working-class history, The Long Gilded Age considers the interlocking roles of politics, labor, and internationalism in the ideologies and institutions that emerged... Learn More
    Published: 16th December 2014
    Hardback | £38.00
    Paperback | £18.99
  14. Convention Center Follies
    Written by one of the nation's foremost urban development experts, Convention Center Follies exposes the inner workings of America's convention center boom through case studies of Chicago, Atlanta, and St. Louis.... Learn More
    Published: 19th May 2014
    Hardback | £46.00
  15. The People's Network
    The People's Network reconstructs the story of U.S. and Canadian independent telephone companies which challenged the Bell System's market domination in the twentieth century, linking the fight to control telecommunications to... Learn More
    Published: 11th December 2013
    Hardback | £42.00
  16. The Pennsylvania Railroad, Volume 1
    Albert J. Churella chronicles the history of the Pennsylvania Railroad within the context of social, economic, and technological changes of nineteenth- and twentieth-century America. The story of the PRR illuminates broad themes... Learn More
    Published: 29th August 2012
    Hardback | £61.00
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