Theories of the Sign in Classical Antiquity

9780253336842: Hardback
Release Date: 22nd March 1993

Dimensions: 152 x 229

Number of Pages: 216

Series Advances in Semiotics

Indiana University Press

Theories of the Sign in Classical Antiquity

Written by
Giovanni Manetti
Translated by
Christine Richardson
Hardback / £27.99

It’s the first book which revisits Greek and Latin theories of signs from the point of view of a profound classical scholarship and a paramount knowledge of contemporary semiotics debates."—Umberto Eco

Available in English for the first time is Professor Manetti’s brilliant study of the origin of semiotics and sign theory. He seeks to discover the common thread that runs through the classical world from the very beginning of human thought to the fourth century A.D. In the "classical" tradition he sees a concept of the sign which is significantly different from that currently in use.


One. Mesopotamian Divination

Two. Greek Divination

Three. Signs and Semiosic Processes in Greek Medincine

Four. Plato

Five. Language and Signs in Aristotle

Six. Theory of Language and Semiotics in the Stoic Philosophers

Seven. Inference and Language in Epicurus

Eight. Philodemus: De Signis

Nine. Latin Rhetoric

Ten. Augustine


GIOVANNI MANETTI is a teacher and researcher in the Institute of Communication Studies at the University of Bologna. CHRISTINE RICHARDSON is in the Department of Languages at the University of Bologna.