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Existential Semiotics

9780253337221: Hardback
Release Date: 22nd February 2001

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Series Advances in Semiotics

Indiana University Press

Existential Semiotics

Hardback / £33.00

Existential semiotics involves an a priori state of signs and their fixation into objective entities. These essays define this new philosophical field.


Part One: Philosophical Reflections

On the Paths of Existential Semiotics
Signs and Transcendence
Endo-/Exogenic Signs, Fields, and Worlds
Understanding, Misunderstandings, and Self-Understanding
Signs of Anxiety; or the Problem of Semiotic Subject

Part Two: In the Forest of Symbols

From Aesthetics to Ethics
The "Structural" and "Existential" Styles in 20th Century Arts
On the Authenticity and Inauthenticity of Art

Part Three: The Social and Cultural Field of Signs

On Post-colonial Semiosis
Semiotics of Landscapes
Poetics of Place
Walt Disney and Americanness
"...and you find the right one"
Senses, Values—and Media

Eero Tarasti holds the Chair of Musicology at the University of Helsinki. One of the world’s leading semioticians, he is founder and President of the Semiotic Society of Finland, Director of the International Semiotics Institute at Imatra, and author of numerous articles and books, including A Theory of Musical Semiotics (Indiana University Press).

Tarasti’s explanations, analyses and comments of sign processes in art and everyday lifemight seem amazing at first sight. He is not afraid of heavily speculative and heavily metaphysical thinking. . . . [he] wants to show us that there can be more involved in sign processes than pure conventionality, maybe even something that is beyond the grasp of the Semiotician.34 2004