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Analyzing Cultures

9780253212986: Paperback
Release Date: 22nd November 1999

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Series Advances in Semiotics

Indiana University Press

Analyzing Cultures

An Introduction and Handbook

Written by
Marcel Danesi
Paul Perron
Paperback / £20.99

Designed for classroom use in a number of disciplines, this comprehensive introduction to cultural semiotics is also an easy-to-use reference for those who would like a better understanding of the topic. No other text provides this kind of practical framework for the classroom study of semiotics. Each of the 12 chapters is clearly written and self-contained.

Part I: Basic Notions and Views
What is Culture?
The Field of Cultural Semiotics
The Signifying Order
Part II: The Semiotic Study of Culture
The Body
Media: Television and Advertising
Part III: A Practical Synthesis
Semiotic Analysis
Activities and Questions for Discussion
Biographical Sketches
Works Cited and General Bibliography

Marcel Danesi is Professor and Director of the Program in Semiotics, University of Toronto. Among his publications are: Vico, Metaphor, and the Origin of Language (Indiana University Press, 1993) and Cool: The Signs and Meanings of Adolescence (University of Toronto Press, 1994).

Paul Perron is Professor and Principal of University College, University of Toronto. He is author of numerous works on narratology.