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The Ohio Frontier

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Release Date: 22nd August 1998

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Series A History of the Trans-Appalachian Frontier

Indiana University Press

The Ohio Frontier

Crucible of the Old Northwest, 1720–1830

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The Ohio Frontier
Crucible of the Old Northwest, 1720-1830
R. Douglas Hurt

Finally, after nearly twenty-five years, a high-quality general history of the frontier period of the state of Ohio...a dynamic account of the Ohio frontier that should delight both transappalachian frontier scholars and interested amateurs."
—E. J. Fabyan, Vincennes University History

...a vivid panorama of the transitional years when Ohio evolved from a raw frontier territory to an established province of an ever-expanding nation." —Margaret Flanagan Booklist

The Ohio frontier was always a land of violence, opportunity, and refuge for both Indians and whites. It served as the political, economic, and social foundation for the settlement of the Old Northwest. First settled by migrating Native Americans about 1720 and later by white Americans, Ohio became the crucible which set Indian and military policy throughout the region. Nowhere on the American frontier was the clash of cultures more violent than in the Ohio country. There, Shawnees, Wyandots, and Delawares, among others, fought to preserve their land claims against an army that was incompetent at the beginning but highly trained and disciplined at the end.

This book will appeal top anyone interested in the history of Ohio and the military, social, political, and economic history of the American frontier.

A History of the Trans-Appalachian Frontier Series—Walter Nugent and Malcolm Rohrbough, general editors

The First Settlers
Clash of Cultures
Revolution in the Ohio Country
The Road to Hell
Fallen Timbers
Ohio Fever
Early Settlements
Farm Country
The Frontier People
The Religious Frontier
Confederacy and War
Farmers: First and Last
Settled Community
Biographical Essay

R. Douglas Hurt is the editor of Agricultural History and Professor and Director of the Graduate Program in Agricultural History and Rural Studies at Iowa State University. He has written and edited more than a dozen books.