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Frontier Indiana

9780253212177: Paperback
Release Date: 22nd August 1998

Dimensions: 152 x 229

Number of Pages: 360

Series A History of the Trans-Appalachian Frontier

Indiana University Press

Frontier Indiana

Paperback / £21.99

Frontier Indiana

Andrew R. L. Cayton

The research and scholarship that went into the work are excellent; so good, in fact, that the book should be on the required text list for all Transappalachian frontier courses." —History

Cayton’s lively new history of the frontier period in Indiana puts the focus on people, on how they lived, how they viewed their world, and what motivated them. Here are the stories of Sieur de Vincennes, John Francis Hamtramck, Little Turtle, Anna Tuthill Symmes Harrison, Tenskwatawa, Calvin Fletcher—along with many more familiar (and not so familiar) early Hoosiers.

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A History of the Trans-Appalachian Frontier
1996; 360 pages, 20 b&w photos, 2 maps, index, 6 x 9
cloth 0-253-33048-3 $39.95 L / £28.50
paper 0-253-21217-0 $18.95 t / £13.50

Foreword by Walter Nugent and Malcolm J. Rohrbough
1. The World of the Miami, 1700-1754
2. The World of George Croghan, 1750-1777
3. The Village of Vincennes, 1765-1777
4. The World of George Rogers Clark, 1778-1787
5. The World of Josiah Harmar and John Francis Hamtramck, 1787-1790
6. The World of Little Turtle, 1790-1795
7. The World of Anna Tuthill Symmes Harrison, 1795-1810
8. The World of Tenskwatawa, 1795-1811
9. The World of Jonathan Jennings, 1800-1816
10. The End of the Frontier, 1816-1850
Epilogue: "This Country of Liberty"
Essay on Sources