Negro Employment in Finance

Negro Employment in Finance

A Study of Racial Policies in Banking and Insurance

Anniversary Collection

by Jr. Thieblot Armand J. and Linda Pickthorne Fletcher

Assisted by Marjorie C. Denison and Elisa Klemp

Published by: University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc.

408 pages, 0.00 x 0.00 x 0.00

  • ISBN: 9781512820003
  • Published: November 2016



This volume investigates African-American employment in banking and insurance in the United States. The authors describe how these once almost all-white industries are now employing large numbers of African-American and what problems remain to be solved before equal employment opportunity can be fully attained. Appendices tell the story of African-American-owned banking and insurance companies and their status today.

Located in primarily urban areas, banks and insurance companies may soon be among the largest employers of African-Americans. The centralized personnel structure of banks gives them a significant advantage in employing African Americans, but the authors find that both banks and insurance companies have been slow to employ black managerial personnel.

This study is based upon individual reports first published in the Racial Policies of American Industry series. A final chapter compares and contrasts the situations in banking and insurance, paying particular attention to the reasons for varying progress in the two industries.

Founded in 1921 as a separate Wharton department, the Industrial Research Unit has a long record of publication and research in the labor market, productivity, union relations, and business report fields. Major Industrial Research Unit studies are published as research projects are completed. This volume is Study no. 47.