The Papers of William Penn, Volume 4

The Papers of William Penn, Volume 4


Papers of William Penn

Edited by Richard S. Dunn, Mary Maples Dunn, Craig W. Horle, Alison Duncan Hirsch, Marianne S. Wokeck and Joy Wiltenburg

Published by: University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc.

842 pages, 171.00 x 248.00 x 0.00 mm, illus.

  • ISBN: 9780812280500
  • Published: August 1987



This volume documents the final eighteen years of William Penn's life, from 1701 to 1718. It opens with his last months as resident proprietor of Pennsylvania—a moment of great importance in the political history of the colony. It ends with his death on 30 July 1718, after a lingering illness.