Time for Reparations

Time for Reparations

A Global Perspective

Pennsylvania Studies in Human Rights

Edited by Jacqueline Bhabha, Margareta Matache and Caroline Elkins

Published by: University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc.

384 pages, 152.00 x 229.00 x 0.00 mm, 2 tables

  • ISBN: 9780812225044
  • Published: September 2021



In this sweeping international perspective on reparations, Time for Reparations makes the case that past state injustice—be it slavery or colonization, forced sterilization or widespread atrocities—has enduring consequences that generate ongoing harm, which needs to be addressed as a matter of justice and equity.

Time for Reparations provides a wealth of detailed and diverse examples of state injustice, from enslavement of African Americans in the United States and Roma in Romania to colonial exploitation and brutality in Guatemala, Algeria, Indonesia, Jamaica, and Guadeloupe. From many vantage points, contributing authors discuss different reparative strategies and the impact they would have on the lives of survivor or descendant communities.

One of the strengths of this book is its interdisciplinary perspective—contributors are historians, anthropologists, human rights lawyers, sociologists, and political scientists. Many of the authors are both scholars and advocates, actively involved in one capacity or another in the struggles for reparations they describe. The book therefore has a broad and inclusive scope, aided by an accessible and cogent writing style. It appeals to scholars, students, advocates, and others concerned about addressing some of the most profound and enduring injustices of our time.