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The History of Anti-Semitism, Volume 3

The History of Anti-Semitism, Volume 3

From Voltaire to Wagner

by Leon Poliakov

Translated by Miriam Kochan

Published by: University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc.

592 pages, 152.00 x 229.00 x 0.00 mm

  • ISBN: 9780812218657
  • Published: October 2003



Covering the story of prejudice against Jews from the time of Christ through the rise of Nazi Germany, The History of Anti-Semitism presents in elegant and thoughtful language a balanced, careful assessment of this egregious human failing that is nearly ubiquitous in the history of Europe.

From Voltaire to Wagner reviews the period of the European Enlightenment in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries when anti-Semitism gradually stopped being an official state policy in most countries. Highlighting the emancipation of Jews as it spread across Europe, Poliakov shows how philosophers, statesmen, and some theologians became concerned with civil rights, yet the anti-Semitic beliefs of many highly regarded and influential persons remained a major roadblock to true equality and justice. The volume ends with the development of racial anti-Semitic theories bound up in the emerging modern sciences.