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Geography of British Columbia

Geography of British Columbia

People and Landscapes in Transition, 4th Edition

by Brett McGillivray

Published by: UBC Press

320 pages, 203.00 x 254.00 mm, 47 illus., 38 tables, 30 maps, 12 b&w photos

  • ISBN: 9780774864329
  • Published: June 2020



From the beginning of time, physical and human processes have altered British Columbia’s landscape. Geographers seek to understand these processes, and this text provides students with the basic tools and techniques of their craft.

Completely revised and expanded for the 2020s, the four edition of Geography of British Columbia

  • contains extensive urban content to reflect BC's transition from a resource-dependent economy to a more service-oriented one
  • presents ideas and concepts in a clear and concise way
  • includes a comprehensive glossary of key terms
  • has more than 125 informative maps, diagrams, graphs, tables, and photos
  • includes suggested readings and discussion questions for each chapter.

In an era of climate change, it is more important than ever to understand the complex interaction between human influence on the landscape and the earth’s ever-changing physical processes. This book provides students with the tools, techniques, and knowledge they’ll need.