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Greening East Asia

Greening East Asia

The Rise of the Eco-developmental State

Edited by Ashley Esarey, Mary Alice Haddad, Joanna I. Lewis and Stevan Harrell

Published by: University of Washington Press

264 pages, 152.00 x 229.00 mm, 2 b&w illus., 5 maps, 15 charts, 9 tables

  • ISBN: 9780295747910
  • Published: November 2020


East Asia hosts a fifth of the world’s population and consumes over half the world’s coal, a quarter of its petroleum products, and a tenth of its natural gas. It also produces a third of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions, making it a major contributor to climate change. The region—whose countries share ecological, sociocultural, and political characteristics while varying in size, resource wealth, history, and political systems—offers excellent insights into the complex dynamics influencing environmental politics, advocacy, and policy. With essays addressing Japan after Fukushima, coal plants and wind turbines in China, environmental activism in Taiwan, and sustainable rural development in South Korea, Greening East Asia explores a region’s shift from development to “eco-development” in acknowledgment that environmental sustainability is a critical component of economic growth.