Work Without End

9780877225201: Hardback
Release Date: 10th May 1988

9780877227632: Paperback
Release Date: 10th May 1990

Series Labor And Social Change

Temple University Press

Work Without End

Abandoning Shorter Hours for the Right to Work

Hardback / £57.00
Paperback / £22.99

Tracing the political, intellectual, and social dialogues that changed the American concept of progress in terms of labor

Benjamin Kline Hunnicutt is Professor of Leisure Studies at the University of Iowa.

"An extraordinarily informative scholarly history of the debate over working hours from 1920 to 1940."
New York Times Book Review

"Work Without End presents a compelling history of the rise and fall of the 40-hour work week, explains bow Americans became trapped in a prison of work that allows little room for family, bobbies or civic participation and suggests bow they can free themselves from relentless overwork. [This book] is a sober reconsideration of a topic that is critical to America’s future. It suggests that progress doesn’t mean much if there is not time for love as well as work, and liberation is an empty achievement if the work it frees one to do is truly without end."
The Washington Post

"Hunnicutt, with this excellent book, becomes the first United States historian to examine fully why this momentous change occurred."
The Journal of American History