Women's Folklore, Women's Culture

9780812212068: Paperback
Release Date: 1st March 1985

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Number of Pages: 260

Series Publications of the American Folklore Society

University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc.

Women's Folklore, Women's Culture

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The essays in Women's Folklore, Women's Culture focus on women performers of folklore and on women's genre of folklore. Long ignored, women's folklore is often collaborative and frequently is enacted in the privacy of the domestic sphere. This book provides insights balancing traditional folklore scholarship. All of the authors also explore the relationship between make and female views and worlds.

The book begins with the private world of women, performances within the intimacy of family and fields; it then studies women's folklore in the public arena; finally, the book looks at the interrelationships between public and private arenas and between male and female activities.

By turning our attention to previously ignored women's realms, these essays provide a new perspective from which to view human culture as a whole and make Women's Folklore, Women's Culture a significant addition to folklore scholarship

"Almost anyone concerned with women's studies of folklore will find something of interest in this collection of essays. From the dynamics of narration among women in a variety of settings to an ethnographic analysis of a quilting bee and examination of gender differences in joke telling, the essays are uniformly provocative and groundbreaking."—Library Journal

"The studies herein elevate the humble, examine the small domestic detail, set forth the praiseworthy in the everyday, seek joy in the ordinary, capture the comfort in the community of women and their collaboratieve atempts to define their worlds."—Journal of American Folklore