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Release Date: 9th October 2006

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Release Date: 9th October 2006

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Series Women Gender and Technology

University of Illinois Press


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An interdisciplinary investigation of the co-creation of gender and technology

Mary Frank Fox is NSF Advance Professor in the School of Public Policy and codirector of the Center for the Study of Women, Science, and Technology at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She is the coauthor of Women at Work. 
Deborah G. Johnson is the Anne Shirley Carter Olsson Professor of Applied Ethics and chair of the Department of Science, Technology, and Society at the University of Virginia. Her most recent book is Computer Ethics. 
Sue V. Rosser is dean of the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts and a professor of history, technology, and society at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Her most recent book is The Science Glass Ceiling.

"This book adds a new focus to the important implications of technological influence on gender relations and the gendered construction of knowledge. I recommend this book for scholars of all disciplines who are looking for a collection of essays to extend their lens toward gender and technology."--Review of Policy Research

"Crucial to deepening feminist theory as a contribution to social transformation."--Signs

"A good view of a world in which technology and gender are intertwined."--JAC