William E. Connolly


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  1. A Leftist Ontology
    Published: 17th July 2009
    Hardback | £65.00
    Paperback | £20.99
  2. Identity/Difference
    In this foundational work in contemporary political theory, William Connolly makes a distinctive contribution to our understanding of the relationship between personal identity and democratic politics, particularly in the domains... Learn More
    Published: 14th August 2002
    Paperback | £19.99
  3. Neuropolitics
    Why would a political theorist venture into the nexus between neuroscience and film? According to William ConnollyOCowhose new book is itself an eloquent answerOCothe combination exposes the ubiquitous role that technique plays... Learn More
    Published: 24th July 2002
    Hardback | £52.00
    Paperback | £16.99
  4. Why I Am Not a Secularist

    Why I Am Not a Secularist

    By William E. Connolly

    University of Minnesota Press

    Published: 5th July 2000
    Paperback | £16.99