Wilderness in America

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Series Groundworks: Ecological Issues in Philosophy and Theology

Fordham University Press

Wilderness in America

Philosophical Writings

Written by
Henry Bugbee
Edited by
David W. Rodick
The purpose of this book is to remove the philosophical writings of Henry Bugbee from relative obscurity, making them more accessible to the wider public. Beginning with an introductory account of Bugbee’s “experiential naturalism,” the development of his thought is traced from his student writings in Part One to some select published writings in Part Two, followed by heretofore unpublished writings in Part Three. Part Four consists of an in-depth interview conducted during the twilight years of his life. The book concludes with a rich collection of appendices that are intended to shed light upon the unique person Bugbee in fact was. The end-in-view throughout has been to allow Bugbee the opportunity to speak in his own words and, when appropriate, through the words of others: those both familiar with the man as well as his philosophy.
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The philosophy of Henry Bugbee defies traditional academic categorization. Though inspired by Heidegger and American Transcendentalism, he was also admired by the famous analytic philosopher Willard van Orman Quine, who described him as the ultimate exemplar of the examined life.

Bugbee’s writings are remarkably different in form and register from anything written in twentieth-century American Philosophy. The beautifully written essays collected here show Bugbee’s continuing commitment that “anyone who throws his entire personality into his work must to some extent adopt an aesthetic attitude and medium.”

Together, the book reintroduces a major thinker of nature, an environmental philosopher avant la lettre who has much to contribute to American and continental thought.

Henry Bugbee (1915–99) was the author of The Inward Morning: A Philosophical Exploration in Journal Form.

Essential for anyone interested in wilderness, revelation, and calling. Henry Bugbee is a philosophical voice of the first order.

Edward F. Mooney, Syracuse University

Wilderness in America is an impressive introduction to the life and work of an original (and far-too-long neglected) figure in American philosophy. David Rodick has performed a valuable service to students and scholars of American arts and letters.

Daniel Conway, Texas A&M University

For environmental philosophers, environmental historians, conservationists and wilderness advocates, the essays included in Wilderness in America together offer testimony on Bugbee’s dovetailing of embodiment and reflection in place.

Environmental Values

Reading this wonderful book inspires me to look back on my own research and writing and wonder why I had not known Henry Bugbee? I feel as though he were following me, always there in a blind spot, and now suddenly coming around offering a smile and a wave as he passes.

Kip Redick
Reading Religion