Well-Tempered Woodwinds

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Release Date: 4th May 2015

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Series Publications of the Early Music Institute

Indiana University Press

Well-Tempered Woodwinds

Friedrich von Huene and the Making of Early Music in a New World

Hardback / £39.00

Friedrich von Huene (1929– ) is arguably the most important manufacturer of historical woodwinds in the 20th century. Since he began making recorders in 1958, von Huene has exerted a strong influence on the craft of building woodwind instruments and on the study of instrument–making, as he has helped to shape the emerging field of Early Music performance practice. Recipient of lifetime achievement awards from the American Musical Instrumental Society, the National Flute Association, and Early Music America, he has remained at the forefront of research and design of historical copies of recorders, flutes, and oboes. In a compelling narrative that combines biography, cultural history, and technical organological enquiry, Geoffrey Burgess explores von Huene’s impact on the craft of historical instrument–making and the role organology has played in the emergence of the Early Music movement in the post-war era.

Preface: A Domestic Music Room in Brookline
Introduction: Why Recorders?
1. Childhood in Paradise
2. Flight from Eden
3. Training in a New World
4. Friedrich the Great: Founding an Empire
5. Trading Old Flutes for New
6. Heydays
7. At the Hub of an International Network
8. Cause to Celebrate
9. The von Huene Legacy
Appendix 1. Von Huene Family Tree
Appendix 2. Summary Chronology
Appendix 3. List of Honors
Appendix 4. Recordings of Brandenburg IV with Recorders
Appendix 5. List of Instruments Produced by von Huene Workshop
Appendix 6. Recorders and Traversos heard in the recordings by Frans Brüggen
Appendix 7. General Discography

Geoffrey Burgess, a practicing oboist, is instructor of baroque oboe at the Eastman School of Music. He has published widely on historical musicology, performance practice, and organology including his most recent publication, The Oboe (authored with Bruce D. Haynes).

"Geoffrey Burgess is a dedicated musician, musicologist, and writer. In Well-Tempered Woodwinds, he builds upon traditional knowledge of Friedrich von Huene by examining rare written sources and personal interviews with the von Huenes and the people surrounding them. His source material is without a doubt unique, and he uses it to create a more complete picture of von Huene's life."

Tom Beets
Flanders Recorder Quartet

"As the role of early music in our day is now a very important one, this beautifully-written book will interest and inform many musicians, music teachers, and music lovers."

Michael McCraw
World-renowned early bassoonist and pedagogue

"Well-Tempered Woodwinds is a fascinating account of the life, the talent, and passions of Friedrich von Huene, a remarkable man who alone sculpted the revival of interest in the historically accurate reproductions of the recorder and the flute. Musicians worldwide owe him everything."

Richard Wood
founder of The Early Music Shop

"This book is a mine of information, not only about Friedrich von Huene, his meticulous craftsmanship, and his profound influence on generations of woodwind makers and players, but also about the social history of the recorder and the Early Music movement in America. Burgess's enthusiasm and personal affection for his subject is infectious; his book deserves—and will surely find—a wide readership."

Robert Ehrlich
Award-winning recorder performer and scholar of Early Music

"Though mainly focused on von Huene and the recorder, this book also constitutes a welcome addition to the growing body of literature on the twentieth-century historical performance movement."

Journal of the American Musicological Society