W. W. Rostow

W. W. Rostow (1916–2003) was Professor of Economics and History at the University of Texas at Austin.


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  1. Why the Poor Get Richer and the Rich Slow Down
    Bearing on fundamental issues of economic theory, history, and public policy, this volume elaborates and goes beyond themes enunciated in W. W. Rostow's previous works. The eight essays presented here are unified by the author's... Learn More
    Published: 30th March 2011
    Paperback | £27.99
  2. The Barbaric Counter Revolution
    In the 1980s, troubled Americans saw interest rates in the United States climb to an alltime high, unemployment grow to over 10 percent, the federal deficit reach near monumental proportions, and the world economy as a whole fall... Learn More
    Published: 23rd March 2011
    Paperback | £15.99
  3. Concept and Controversy
    A trusted advisor to Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson and one of America's leading professors of economic history, W. W. Rostow has helped shape the intellectual debate and governmental policies on major economic, political,... Learn More
    Published: 1st July 2010
    Paperback | £37.00
  4. Open Skies
    In 1955 the United States and the Soviet Union were matching steps in a race to develop missiles tipped with thermonuclear weapons. American officials were frustrated and alarmed by their inability to learn the scale and progress... Learn More
    Published: 1st December 1982
    Paperback | £19.99
  5. Europe after Stalin
    Stalin's death on March 6, 1953, reopened the debate within the Eisenhower administration over whether or not the United States should propose and actively promote the reunification of Germany at a summit conference. Written by... Learn More
    Published: 1st July 1982
    Paperback | £19.99
  6. The Division of Europe after World War II
    Should the negotiation of the post–World War II peace treaties in Europe have been pursued separately or should they have been approached within the framework of a general European settlement? The debate on this fundamental... Learn More
    Published: 1st March 1982
    Paperback | £19.99
  7. The World Economy
    This monumental study is an account of the world economy from the eighteenth century to the twentieth, an analysis and prescription for the future, and a challenge to the neo-Keynesian theories of income determination and growth.... Learn More
    Published: 1st September 1980
    Paperback | £62.00