Unity and Diversity in Development Ideas

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Release Date: 30th January 2004

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Release Date: 30th January 2004

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Indiana University Press

Unity and Diversity in Development Ideas

Perspectives from the UN Regional Commissions

Edited by
Yves Berthelot
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This second volume from the United Nations Intellectual History Project surveys the history of the UN’s regional commissions and the ideas they have developed over the last 40 years. Each essay is devoted to one of the five regional commissions—Europe, Asia and the Far East, Latin America, Africa, and Western Asia—and how it has approached its mission of assessing the condition of regional economies and making prognoses about future conditions. The essays describe how each commission has added local perspectives to global debates over economic development and brought an authentic regional voice to the UN.

Contributors are Adebayo Adedeji, Yves Berthelot, Leelananda de Silva, Blandine Destremau, Paul Rayment, and Gert Rosenthal.

Preliminary Table of Contents:
List of Boxes, Tables, and Figures
Foreword by Louis Emmerij, Richard Jolly, and Thomas G. Weiss
List of Abbreviations
1.Unity and Diversity of Development: The Regional Commissions' Experience, Yves Berthelot
2. ECE: A Bridge Between East and West, Yves Berthelot and Paul Rayment
3. From ECAFE to ESCAP: Pioneering a Regional Perspective, Leelananda de Silva
4. ECLAC: A Commitment to a Latin American Way towards Development, Gert Rosenthal
5. ECA: Forging a Future for Africa, Adebayo Adedeji
6. ESCWA: Striving for Regional Integration, Blandine Destremau
About the Authors
About the UN Intellectual History Project

Yves Berthelot is Senior Research Fellow at The CUNY Graduate Center and at the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, UNITAR. He is director of the Geneva Office of the United Nations Intellectual History Project and President of the Comité Français de Solidarité Internationale.