Twentieth-Century Latin American Poetry

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Release Date: 1st January 1996

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University of Texas Press

Twentieth-Century Latin American Poetry

A Bilingual Anthology

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Latin Americans have written some of the world's finest poetry in the twentieth century, as the Nobel Prizes awarded to Gabriela Mistral, Pablo Neruda, and Octavio Paz attest. Yet this rich literary production has never been gathered into a single volume that attempts to represent the full range and the most important writers-until now. Here, under one cover, are the major poets and their major works, which appear both in the original language (Spanish or Portuguese) and in excellent English translations.

The poems selected include the most famous representative poems of each poetic tradition, accompanied by other poems that represent the best of that tradition and of each poet's work within it. Tapscott's selections cover the full range, from the Modernist generation though the Mexican Revolutionary post-Moderns and the Vanguardist poets to very contemporary younger writers of political and experimental commitments. In all, eighty-five poets, including Pablo Neruda, Nicanor Parra, Octavio Paz, Gabriela Mistral, Nicolás Guillén, Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortazar, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Carlos Pellicer, César Vallejo, and Cecília Meireles, and over 400 poems are included, often in translations by some of North America's most esteemed poets.

  • Preface
  • A Note on the Poem Dates
  • Introduction
  • José Martí (Cuba, 1853-1895)
    Sueño despierto
    I Dream Awake, trans. Elinor Randall
    Contra el verso retórico...
    The Opposite of Ornate and Rhetorical Poetry, trans. Elinor Randall
    Versos sencillos: I, IX, X, XXXVI
    Simple Verses: I, IX, X, XXXVI, trans. Elinor Randall
    Dos patrias
    Two Countries, trans. Elinor Randall
  • João da Cruz e Sousa (Brazil, 1861-1898)
    Antiphony, trans. Nancy Vieira Couto
    Acrobata da dor
    Acrobat of Pain, trans. Flavia Vidal
    Sexta-feira Santa
    Good Friday, trans. Flavia Vidal
    Ódio sagrado
    Sacred Hatred, trans. Flavia Vidal
  • Rubén Darío (Nicaragua, 1867-1916)
    Springtime, trans. Lysander Kemp
    Yo persigo una forma...
    I Seek a Form..., trans. Lysander Kemp
    Era un aire suave...
    It Was a Gentle Air..., trans. Lysander Kemp
    El cisne
    The Swan, trans. Lysander Kemp
    Sonatina, trans. Lysander Kemp
    The Seashell, trans. Lysander Kemp
    Lo fatal
    Fatality, trans. Lysander Kemp
    A Roosevelt
    To Roosevelt, trans. Lysander Kemp
    Tarde del tropico
    Tropical Afternoon, trans. Lysander Kemp
    Nocturne, trans. Lysander Kemp
    Triptico de Nicaragua
    Nicaraguan Triptych, trans. Lysander Kemp
  • Ricardo Jaimes Freyre (Bolivia, 1870?-1933)
    Aeternum vale
    Eternal Farewell, trans. Victor Tulli
    El alba
    The Dawn, trans. Victor Tulli
    Las voces tristes
    The Sad Voices, trans. Iver Lofving
  • Amado Nervo (Mexico, 1870—1919)
    Revenge, trans. Sue Standing
    El dolor vencido
    Sorrow Vanquished, trans. Sue Standing
    El don
    The Gift, trans. Sue Standing
    Ecstasy, trans. Sue Standing
  • Enrique González Martínez (Mexico, 1871-1952)
    Tuércele el cuello al cisne...
    Wring the Swan's Neck, trans. Samuel Beckett
    Como hermana y hermano
    Like Sister and Brother, trans. Nancy Christoph
    El néctar de Ápam
    The Nectar of Apam, trans. Elizabeth Gordon
    La ventana
    The Window, trans. Elizabeth Gordon
    Pain, trans. Samuel Beckett
    Último viaje
    Last Journey, trans. Samuel Beckett
  • José María Eguren (Peru, 1874-1942)
    Las torres
    The Towers, trans. Iver Lofving
    Los muertos
    The Dead, trans. Iver Lofving
    Las niñas de luz
    The Girls of the Light, trans. Iver Lofving
    Peregrín, cazador de figuras
    Peregrin, Wandering Hunter of Faces, trans. Iver Lofving
  • Leopoldo Lugones (Argentina, 1874-1938)
    Delectación morosa
    Indulgence, trans. Julie Schumacher
    La blanca soledad
    White Solitude, trans. Julie Schumacher
    Salmo pluvial
    Rain Psalm, trans. Julie Schumacher
    Olas grises
    Gray Waves, trans. Julie Schumacher
  • José Santos Chocano (Peru, 1875-1934)
    A Manifesto, trans. Andrew Rosing
    Los volcanes
    The Volcanoes, trans. Andrew Rosing
    El sueño del caimán
    The Dream of the Caiman, trans. Andrew Rosing
    El sueño del cóndor
    The Dream of the Condor, trans. Andrew Rosing
    Indignation, trans. Andrew Rosing
    ¡Quién sabe!
    Who Knows? trans. Andrew Rosing
  • Julio Herrera y Reissig (Uruguay, 1875-1910)
    July, trans. Andrew Rosing
    La sombra dolorosa
    The Sorrowful Shadow, trans. Andrew Rosing
    El regreso
    The Return, trans. Andrew Rosing
    Alba gris
    Grey Dawn, trans. Andrew Rosing
    Decoración heráldica
    Heraldic Decoration, trans. Andrew Rosing
  • Delmira Agustini (Uruguay, 1886-1914)
    Las alas
    The Wings, trans. Elizabeth Gordon
    Otra estirpe
    Another Race, trans. Karl Kirchwey
    Vision, trans. Karl Kirchwey
    Lo inefable
    The Ineffable, trans. Karl Kirchwey
    La barca milagrosa
    The Miraculous Ship, trans. Karl Kirchwey
  • Manael Bandeira (Brazil, 1886-1968)
    Boda espiritual
    Spiritual Wedding, trans. Candace Slater
    Poetics, trans. Candace Slater
    Evocação do Recife
    Evocation of Recife, trans. Candace Slater
    Mozart no céu
    Mozart in Heaven, trans. Dudley Poore
    Vou-me embora pra Pasárgada
    Off to Pasárgada, trans. Candace Slater
    Rondó dos cavalinhos
    Rondeau of the Little Horses, trans. Candace Slater
    Portrait, trans. Candace Slater
    Interview, trans. Candace Slater
  • Ramón López Velarde (Mexico, 1888-1921)
    Mi prima Agueda
    My Cousin Agueda, trans. Samuel Beckett
    Domingos de provincia
    Provincial Sundays, trans. Julián Manríquez
    El retorno maléfico
    Baleful Return, trans. Victor Tulli
    Tierra mojada
    Wet Earth, trans. Samuel Beckett
    Ants, trans. Samuel Beckett
  • Gabriela Mistral [Lucila Godoy Alcayaga] (Chile, 1889-1957)
    Decálogo del artista
    Decalogue of the Artist, trans. Doris Dana
    La casa
    The House, trans. Doris Dana
    Apegado a mí
    Close to Me, trans. Doris Dana
    La flor del aire
    The Flower of Air, trans. Doris Dana
    Una palabra
    One Word, trans. Doris Dana
    Una mujer
    A Woman, trans. Doris Dana
    Último árbol
    Final Tree, trans. Doris Dana
  • Alfonso Reyes (Mexico, 1889-1959)
    La amenaza de la flor
    The Menace of the Flower, trans. Samuel Beckett
    Scarcely..., trans. Samuel Beckett
    Yerbas del tarahumara
    Tarahumara Herbs, trans. Samuel Beckett
    Sol de Monterrey
    Monterrey Sun, trans. Samuel Beckett
  • Oswald de Andrade (Brazil, 1890-1954)
    Babbling, trans. Flavia Vidal
    erro de português
    Portuguese Mistake, trans. Flavia Vidal
    Frontier, trans. Flavia Vidal
    o hierofante
    Hierofant, trans. Flavia Vidal
    Good Luck, trans. Flavia Vidal
    Election, trans. Flavia Vidal
  • César Vallejo (Peru/France, 1892?-1938)
    Los heraldos negros
    The Black Messengers, trans. Rachel Benson
    Down to the Dregs, trans. James Wright
    Agape, trans. Ed Dorn and Gordon Brotherston
    El pan nuestro
    Our Daily Bread, trans. James Wright
    A mi hermano Miguel
    To My Brother Miguel, trans. John Knoepfle and James Wright
    "Pienso en tu sexo"
    "I'm thinking of your sex," trans. Sandy McKinney
    "Fué Domingo en las claras orejas de mi burro"
    "It Was Sunday in the fair ears of my burro," trans. Clayton Eshleman
    "Voy a hablar de la esperanza"
    "I am going to talk about hope," trans. Robert Bly
    Piedra negra sobre una piedra blanca :
    Black Stone Lying on a White Stone, trans. Robert Bly and John Knoepfle
    "Hoy me gusta la vida mucho menos"
    "Today I like life much less," trans. Clayton Eshleman,
    Poema para ser leído y cantado
    Poem to Be Read and Sung, trans. Clayton Eshleman
    "La cólera que quiebra al hombre en niños"
    Anger, trans. Thomas Merton
    "Un hombre pasa con un pan al hombro"
    "A man walks by with a loaf of bread on his shoulder," trans. Clayton Eshleman
    España, aparta de mí este cáliz
    Spain, Take This Cup from Me, trans. Clayton Eshleman
    • IX. Pequeño responso a un héroe de la República/Short Prayer for a Loyalist Hero
    • XII. Masa / Mass
    • XIV España, aparta de mí este cáliz /Spain, Take This Cup from Me
  • Alfonsina Storni (Argentina, 1892-1938)
    Peso ancestral
    Ancestral Burden, trans. Andrew Rosing
    La garra blanca
    The White Claw, trans. Andrew Rosing
    Carta lírica a otra mujer
    Lyrical Letter to the Other Woman, trans. Dana Stangel
    Sorrow, trans. Andrew Rosing
    Yo en el fondo del mar
    Me at the Bottom of the Sea, trans. Andrew Rosing
    Voy a dormir
    I'm Going to Sleep, trans. Andrew Rosing
  • Mário de Andrade (Brazil, 1893-1945)
    Inspiration, trans. Jack E. Tomlins
    Os cortejos
    The Processions, trans. Jack E. Tomlins
    Sunday, trans. Jack E. Tomlins
    Nocturne, trans. Jack E. Tomlins
  • Alfonso Cortés (Nicaragua, 1893-1969)
    La canción del espacio
    Space Song, trans. Thomas Merton
    La gran plegaria
    Great Prayer, trans. Thomas Merton
  • Vicente Huidobro (Chile, 1893-1948)
    Arte poética
    Ars Poetica, trans. David M. Guss
    Sailor, trans. David M. Guss
    Altazor [Selecciones]
    Altazor [Selections], trans. Stephen Fredman
    Rincones sordos
    Quiet Spaces, trans. Stephen Fredman
    La poesía es un atentado celeste
    Poetry Is a Heavenly Crime, trans. W. S. Merwin
  • Juana de Ibarbourou [Juanita Fernández Morales] (Uruguay, 1895-1979)
    La hora
    The Hour, trans. Sophie Cabot Black
    El fuerte lazo
    The Strong Bond, trans. Sophie Cabot Black and Maria Negroni
    Life-Hook, trans. Sophie Cabot Black and Maria Negroni
    Noche de lluvia
    Rainy Night, trans. Sophie Cabot Black
    Raíz salvaje
    Wild Root, trans. Sophie Cabot Black and Maria Negroni
    Woman, trans. Sophie Cabot Black
  • Jorge de Lima (Brazil, 1895-1953)
    Essa negra Fulô
    That Black Girl Fulô, trans. Elizabeth Gordon
    As trombetas
    The Trumpets, trans. Luiz Fernández García
    Estrangeiro, estrangeiro
    Stranger, Stranger, trans. Luiz Fernández García
    As palavras de despedida
    Words of Departure, trans. Luiz Fernández García
  • Raul Bopp (Brazil, 1898-1984)
    Cobra Norato: II, IV, VI, XI, XV
    Black Snake: II, IV, VI, XI, XV, trans. Renato Rezende
  • Ricardo Molinari (Argentina, 1898-1996)
    Poema de la Niña Velázqueña
    Poem of the Girl from Velázquez, trans. Inés Probert
    Oda a una larga tristeza
    Ode to a Long Sorrow, trans. Inés Probert
    Pequeña oda a la melancolía
    Little Ode to Melancholy, trans. Inés Probert
  • Luis Palés Matos (Puerto Rico, 1898-1959)
    Pueblo, trans. Barry Luby
    Elegia del Duque de la Mermelada
    Elegy for the Duke of Marmalade, trans. Ellen G. Matilla and Diego de la Texera
  • Jorge Luis Borges (Argentina, 1899-1986)
    Un patio
    Patio, trans. Robert Fitzgerald
    Casas como ángeles
    Houses like Angels, trans. Robert Fitzgerald
    Fundación mítica de Buenos Aires
    The Mythical Founding of Buenos Aires, trans. Alastair Reid
    Poema conjetural
    Conjectural Poem, trans. Norman Thomas di Giovanni
    Poema de los dones
    Poem of the Gifts, trans. Ben Belitt
    El otro tigre
    The Other Tiger, trans. Norman Thomas di Giovanni
    Arte poética
    Ars Poetica, trans. W. S. Merwin
    Limits (or Good-byes), trans. Alan Dugan
    Everness, trans. Richard Wilbur
    Spinoza, trans. Richard Howard and César Rennert
    El mar
    The Sea, trans. John Updike
  • Claudia Lars [Carmen Brannon Beers] (El Salvador, 1899-1974)
    Dibujo de la mujer que llega
    Sketch of the Frontier Woman, trans. Donald D. Walsh
    Evocación de Gabriela Mistral
    Recollection of Gabriela Mistral, trans. Nancy Christoph
  • Carlos Pellicer (Mexico, 1899-1977)
    Wishes, trans. Donald Justice
    Studies, trans. Donald Justice
    A la poesía
    To Poetry, trans. Alexandra Migoya
    Grupos de palomas
    Flocks of Doves, trans. Alexandra Migoya
  • José Gorostiza (Mexico, 1901-1973)
    ¿Quien me compra una naranja?
    Who Will Buy Me an Orange? trans. Rachel Benson
    Elegy, trans. Rachel Benson
    Fireflies, trans. Rachel Benson
    Muerte sin fin [Selección]
    Death without End [Selection], trans. Rachel Benson
  • Cecília Meireles (Brazil, 1901-1964)
    Portrait, trans. Luiz Fernández García
    Sketch, trans. Luiz Fernández García
    Vigil, trans. James Merrill
    Balada das dez bailarinas do cassino
    Ballad of the Ten Casino Dancers,trans. James Merrill
    O cavalo morto
    The Dead Horse, trans. James Merrill
  • Carlos Drummond de Andrade (Brazil, 1902-1987)
    Poema de sete faces
    Seven-sided Poem, trans. Elizabeth Bishop
    Infancy, trans. Elizabeth Bishop
    No meio do caminho
    In the Middle of the Road, trans. John Nist
    Não se mate
    Don't Kill Yourself, trans. Elizabeth Bishop
    Viagem na família
    Traveling as a Family, trans. Virginia de Araújo
    Residue, trans. Virginia de Araújo
    Retrato de família
    Portrait of a Family, trans. Virginia de Araújo
    Canto esponjoso
    Diminutive, trans. Virginia de Araújo
    Um boi vê os homens
    An Ox Looks at Man, trans. Mark Strand
    Elegy, trans. Virginia de Araújo
  • Nicolás Guillén (Cuba, 1902-1989)
    Pequeña oda a un negro boxeador cubano
    Small Ode to a Black Cuban Boxer, trans. Robert Márquez and David Arthur McMurray
    El apellido
    My Last Name, trans. Robert Márquez and David Arthur McMurray
    Bars, trans. Eric Orozco
  • Jaime Torres Bodet (Mexico, 1902-1974)
    Living, trans. Sonja Karsen
    Labyrinth, trans. Sonja Karsen
    My Country, trans. Sonja Karsen
    Exodus, trans. Sonja Karsen
    Summary, trans. Sonja Karsen
  • Jorge Carrera Andrade (Ecuador, 1903-1978)
    La vida perfecta
    The Perfect Life, trans. Dudley Fitts
    El reloj
    The Clock, trans. Michael Surman
    Sunday, trans. Muna Lee de Muñoz Marín
    Segunda vida de mi madre
    Second Life of My Mother, trans. Muna Lee de Muñoz Marín
    Transfiguración de la lluvia
    Transfiguration of the Rain, trans. Michael Surman
  • Eugenio Florit (Cuba, 1903 - )
    Elegía para tu ausencia
    Elegy for Your Absence, trans. H. R. Hays
    Martirio de San Sebastián
    The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, trans. Peter Fortunato
    Tarde presente
    The Present Evening, trans. H. R. Hays
  • Henriqueta Lisboa (Brazil, 1903-1985)
    Idyll, trans. Hélcio Veiga Costa
    Echo, trans. Hélcio Veiga Costa
    Elegy, trans. Hélcio Veiga Costa
    Camellia, trans. Hélcio Veiga Costa
    Além da Imagem
    Beyond the Image, trans. Hélcio Veiga Costa
  • Xavier Villaurrutia (Mexico ,1903-1950)
    Poetry, trans. Dana Stangel
    Nocturno de Los Ángeles
    Los Angeles Nocturne, trans. Rachel Benson
    Nocturne, trans. Xavier Leroux
    Nocturno de la estatua
    Nocturne of the Statue, trans. Dana Stangel
    Nuestro amor
    Our Love, trans. Michael Surman
  • Pablo Neruda [Neftalí Ricardo Reyes Basoalto] (Chile, 1904-1973)
    Veinte poemas de amor y una canción desesperada
    Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair, trans. W. S. Merwin:
    • I. Cuerpo de mujer / Body of a Woman
    • VII. Inclinado en las tardes... / Leaning into the Afternoons...
    • XX. Puedo escribir los versos... / Tonight I Can Write...
    Galope muerto
    Dead Gallop, trans. John Felstiner
    Walking around
    Walking around, trans. Ben Belitt
    Explico algunas cosas
    I'm Explaining a Few Things, trans. Nathaniel Ta
    Algunas bestias
    Some Beasts, trans. James Wright
    Alturas de Macchu Picchu
    The Heights of Macchu Picchu
    • VI, trans. Nathaniel Tarn
    • X, trans. John Felstiner
    • XII, trans. David Young
    La United Fruit Co.
    United Fruit Co., trans. Jack Schmitt
    América, no invoco tu nombre en vano
    America, I Do Not Call Your Name without Hope, trans. Robert Bly
    Oda a los calcetines
    Ode to My Socks, trans. Robert Bly
    Oda a César Vallejo
    Ode to César Vallejo, trans. Stephen Tapscott
    Oda a la pereza
    Ode to Laziness, trans. William Carlos Williams
    Oda a la sal
    Ode to Salt, trans. Margaret Sayers Peden
    Cien sonetos de amor: V, XVI, XCII
    One Hundred Love Sonnets: V, XVI, XCII, trans. Stephen Tapscott
  • Sara de Ibáñez (Uruguay, 1910-1971)
    Isla en la tierra
    Island in the Earth, trans. Inés Probert
    Isla en la luz
    Island in the Light, trans. Inés Probert
    Tú, por mi pensamiento
    You, for My Meditation, trans. Andrew Rosing
    La página vacía
    The Empty Page, trans. Andrew Rosing
    No puedo
    I Cannot, trans. Andrew Rosing
  • José Lezama Lima (Cuba, 1910-1976)
    Ah, que tú escapes
    Ah, That You Escape, trans. Willis Barnstone
    Una oscura pradera me convida
    A Dark Meadow Invites Me, trans. Willis Barnstone
    Llamado del deseoso
    Call of the Desirous, trans. Willis Barnstone
    Rapsodia para el mulo
    Rhapsody for the Mule, trans. José Rodríguez Feo, Dudley Fitts, and Donald D. Walsh
    Los fragmentos de la noche
    The Fragments of the Night, trans. Willis Barnstone
    Retrato de José Cemí [de la novela Paradiso]
    Portrait of José Cemí [from the novel Paradiso], trans. Gregory Rabassa
  • Enrique Molina (Argentina, 1910-1996)
    Mientras corren los grandes días
    As the Great Days Flow, trans. Naomi Lindstrom
    Como debe de ser
    The Way It Must Be, trans. Naomi Lindstrom
  • Pablo Antonio Cuadra (Nicaragua, 1912 - )
    El nacimiento del sol
    The Birth of the Sun, trans. Thomas Merton
    Caballos en el lago
    Horses in the Lake, trans. Grace Schulman and Ann McCarthy de Zavala
    Manuscrito en una botella
    Manuscript in a Bottle, trans. Grace Schulman and Ann McCarthy de Zavala
    La estrella vespertina
    The Evening Star, trans. Grace Schulman and Ann McCarthy de Zavala
  • Julio Cortázar (Argentina, 1914-1984)
    Conducta de los espejos en la isla de Pascua
    The Behavior of Mirrors on Easter Island, trans. Paul Blackburn
    Historia verídica
    A Very Real Story, trans. Paul Blackburn
    Las líneas de la mano
    The Lines of the Hand, trans. Paul Blackburn
    Costumbres de los famas
    Normal Behavior of the Famas, trans. Paul Blackburn
    Travel, trans. Paul Blackburn
  • Efraín Huerta (Mexico, 1914-1982)
    Declaración de odio
    Declaration of Hate, trans. Beth Henson
    Los hombres del alba
    Men of Dawn, trans. Beth Henson
    Este es un amor
    This is a Love, trans. Beth Henson
  • Nicanor Parra (Chile, 1914 - )
    Solo de piano
    Piano Solo, trans. William Carlos Williams
    El Túnel
    The Tunnel, trans. W. S. Merwin
    La víbora
    The Viper, trans. W S. Merwin
    Pido que se levante la sesión
    I Move the Meeting Be Adjourned, trans. Allen Ginsberg
    Mummies, trans. Tbomas Merton
    La montaña rusa
    Roller Coaster, trans. Miller Williams
    El pequeño burgués
    Litany of the Little Bourgeois, trans. James Laughlin
  • Octavio Paz (Mexico, 1914-1998)
    Mystery, trans. Muriel Rukeyser
    Lake, trans. Rachel Benson
    Himno entre ruinas
    Hymn among the Ruins, trans. William Carlos Williams
    Piedra nativa
    Native Stone, trans. Muriel Rukeyser
    Here, trans. Charles Tomlinson
    Certainty, trans. Charles Tomlinson
    Village, trans. Charles Tomlinson
    La arboleda
    The Grove, trans. Elizabeth Bishop with Octavio Paz
    Viento, agua, piedra
    Wind and Water and Stone, trans. Mark Strand
    Entre lo que veo y digo...
    Between What I See and What I Say..., trans. Eliot Weinberger
    Entre irse y quedarse
    Between Going and Staying, trans. Eliot Weinberger
    Árbol adentro
    A Tree Within, trans. Eliot Weinlberger
  • Julia de Burgos (Puerto Rico, 1917-1953)
    A Julia de Burgos
    To Julia de Burgos, trans. Grace Schulman
    Poema para mi muerte
    Poem to My Death, trans. Grace Schulman
  • Violeta Parra (Chile, 1917-1967)
    Gracias a la vida
    Here's to Life, trans. Joan Baez and John Upton
  • Gonzalo Rojas (Chile, 1917- )
    Cama con espejos
    Bed with Mirrors, trans. Christopher Maurer
    Chapter and Verse, trans. Christopher Maurer
    Y nacer es aquí una fiesta innombrable
    And to Be Born Is Here an Unnameable Feast, trans. Christopher Maurer
  • Mario Benedetti (Uruguay, 1920- )
    Con permiso
    Wlth Your Permission, trans. David Arthur McMurray
    Todos conspiramos
    We All Conspire, trnns. Sophie Cabot Black and Maria Negroni
  • João Cabral de Melo Neto (Brazil, 1920- )
    A Carlos Drummond de Andrade
    To Carlos Drummond de Andrade, tran: Guy Pacitti
    Cemitério pernambucano
    Cemetery in Pernambuco, trans. Jane Cooper
    Uma faca só lâmina [Seleçãoes]
    The Knife That Is All Blade [Selections[, trans. Elizabeth Gordon
    Duas das festas da morte
    Two of the Festivals of Death, trans. W. S. Merwin
    A educação pela pedra
    Education by Stone, trans. James Wright
    O canavial e o mar
    The Canefield and the Sea, trans. Louis Simpson
    O mar e o canavial
    The Sea and the Canefield, trans. Louis Simpson
    Tecendo a manhã
    Weaving the Morning, trans Galway Kinnell
    Os vazios do homem
    The Emptiness of Man, trans. Galway Kinnell
  • Olga Orozco (Argentina, 1920 - )
    Miss Havisham
    Miss Havisham, trans. Stephen Tapscott
    Olga Orozco
    Olga Orozco, trans. Stephen Tapscott
    Para hacer un talismán
    To Make a Talisman, trans. Stephen Tapscott
    La realidad y el deseo
    Reality and Desire, trans. Stephen Tapscott
  • Eunice Odio (Costa Rica / Mexico, 1922-1974)
    Recuerdo de mi infancia privada
    Memory of My Private Childhood, trans. Suzanne Jill Levine
    Creation, trans. Martha Collins
    Prólogo del tiempo que no está en sí
    Prologue to a Time That Is Not Itself, trans. Martha Collins
    Carta a Carlos Pellicer
    Letter to Carlos Pellicer, trans. Martha Collins
  • Álvaro Mutis (Colombia, 1923 - )
    Amen, trans. Sophie Cabot Black and Maria Negroni
    Canción del este
    East Song, trans. Sophie Cabot Black and Maria Negroni
    Una palabra
    A Word, trans. Sophie Cabot Black and Maria Negroni
    Sonata, trans. Sophie Cabot Black and Maria Negroni
  • Claribel Alegría (El Salvador, 1924 - )
    Hacia la edad jurásica
    Toward the Jurassic Age, trans. Carolyn Forché
    Éramos tres
    We Were Three, trans Carolyn. Forché
  • Erivesto Cardenal (Nicaragua, 1925 - )
    León, trans. Jonathan Cohen
    Como latas de cerveza vacías
    Like Empty Beer Cans, trans. Thomas Merton
    Salmo 5
    Psalm 5, trans. Robert Márquez
    Oración por Marilyn Monroe
    Prayer for Marilyn Monroe, trans. Robert Pring-Mill
    Lights, trans. Jonathan Cohen
  • Rosario Castellanos (Mexico, 1925 - 1974)
    Una palmera
    A Palm Tree, trans. Myralyn F. Allgood
    El otro
    The Other, trans. Maureen Ahern
    Poesía no eres tú
    You Are Not Poetry, trans. Maureen Ahern
    El retorno
    The Return, trans. Magda Bogin
  • Roberto Juarróz (Argentina, 1925 - )
    Hay puntos de silencio rodeando al corazón...
    There Are Points of Silence Circling the Heart..., trans. W. S. Merwin
    Véase primero el aire y su elemento negro que no cesa...
    Look First at the Air and Its Black Element Which Never Stops..., trans. W. S. Merwin
    La vida dibuja un árbol
    Life Draws a Tree..., trans. W. S. Merwin
    En alguna parte hay un hombre...
    Somewhere There's a Man..., trans. W. S. Merwin
  • Jaime Sabines (Mexico, 1925 - )
    Yo no lo sé de cierto...
    I Do Not Know It for Sure..., trans. Isabel Bize
    Los amorosos
    The Lovers, trans. Claudine-Marie D'Angelo
    Entresol, trans. Claudine-Marie D'Angelo
    Capriccios, trans. Claudine-Marie D'Angelo
    Si alguien te dice que no es cierto
    If Someone Tells You It's Not for Sure, trans. Philip Levine
  • Carlos Germán Belli (Peru, 1927 - )
    Segregación no. 1
    Segregation #1, trans. Isabel Bize
    Por qué me han mudado
    Why Have They Moved Me, trans. David Tipton and Maureen Ahern
    Una desconocida voz...
    An Unknown Voice.... trans. David Tipton and Maureen Ahern
    ¡Abajo las lonjas!
    Down with the Money-Exchange, trans. David Tipton and Maureen Ahern
    Papá, mamá
    Father, Mother, trans. David Tipton and Maureen Ahern
    ¡Oh padres, sabedlo bien...!
    My Parents, Know It Well, trans. David Tipton and Maureen Ahern
  • Ernesto [Che] Guevara (Argentina/Cuba, 1928-1967)
    Canto a Fidel
    Song to Fidel, trans. Ed Dorn and Gordon Brotherston
  • Enrique Lihn (Chile, 1929- )
    La pieza oscura
    The Dark Room, trans. David Unger
    Mud, trans. John Felstiner
    Recuerdos de matrimonio
    Memories of Marriage, trans. John Felstiner
    Cementerio de Punta Arenas
    Cemetery in Punta Arenas, trans. David Unger
    Revolution, trans. Jonathan Cohen
  • Juan Gelman (Argentina, 1930- )
    Los ojos
    Eyes, trans. Elinor Randall and Robert Márquez
    Epochs, trans. Elinor Randall and Robert Márquez
    History, trans. Robert Márquez
  • Ferreira Gullar [José Ribamar Ferreira] (Brazil, 1930 - )
    Oswald morto
    Oswald Dead, trans. Renato Rezende
    No corpo
    In the Body, trans. Renato Rezende
    No mundo há muitas armadilhas
    There Are Many Traps in the World, trans. Renato Rezende
    Poster, trans. Renato Rezende
    Sweet Talk, trans. Renato Rezende
    Noise, trans. Renato Rezende
  • Heberto Padilla (Cuba, 1932- )
    Una pregunta a la escuela de Frankfurt
    A Question for the Frankfurt School, trans. Alastair Reid and Andrew Hurley
    Autorretrato del otro
    Self-Portrait of the Other, trans. Alastair Reid and Andrew Hurley
    Legacies, trans. Alastair Reid and Andrew Hurley
    La promesa
    The Promise, trans. Alastair Reid and Alexander Coleman
  • Gabriel Zaid (Mexico, 1934- )
    Canción de seguimiento
    Song of Pursuit, trans. Mónica Hernández-Cancio
    Claridad furiosa
    A Furious Clarity, trans. George McWhirter
    Cloister, trans. Mónica Hernández-Cancio
    Circe, trans. Andrew Rosing
    Práctica mortal
    Mortal Practice, trans. Mónica Hernández-Cancio
    Reloj del sol
    Sundial, trans. Adrian Hernandez
  • Roque Dalton (El Salvador, 1935-1975)
    Arte poética
    Ars Poetica, trans. Richard Schaaf
    Buscándome líos
    Looking for Trouble, trans. Richard Schaaf
    El descanso del guerrero
    Soldier's Rest, trans. Richard Schaaf
    La pequeña burguesía
    The Petty Bourgeoisie, trans. Richard Schaaf
    De un revolucionario a J. L. Borges
    From a Revolutionary to J. L. Borges, trans. Julie Schumacher
  • Victor Jara (Chile, 1935-1973)
    Estadio Chile
    Estadio Chile, trans. Joan Jara
  • Adélia Prado (Brazil, 1935- )
    Grace, trans. Marcia Kirinus
    Siesta, trans. Marcia Kirinzs
    Fluency, trans. Marcia Kirinus
    Stained Glass Window, trans. Marcia Kirinus
    O pelicano
    The Pelican, trans. Marcia Kirinus
    Em português
    In Portuguese, trans. Marcia Kirinus
  • Jorge Teillier (Chile, 1935- )
    Puente en el Sur
    Bridge in the South, trans. Carolyne Wright
    Retrato de mi padre, militante comunista
    Portait of My Father, Militant Communist, trans. Carolyne Wright
    Sin señal de vida
    No Sign of Life, trans. Carolyne Wright
  • Alejandra Pizarnik (Argentina, 1936-1972)
    El despertar
    The Awakening, trans. Frank Graziano and María Rosa Fort
    Exile, trans. Frank Graziano and María Rosa Fort
    Ashes, trans. Frank Graziano and María Rosa Fort
    Poema para el padre
    Poem for the Father, trans. Frank Graziano and María Rosa Fort
  • Óscar Hahn (Chile, 1938- )
    Gladiolos junto al mar
    Gladioli by the Sea, trans. Isabel Bize
    El hombre
    Man, trans. Sandy McKinney
    La muerte está sentada a los pies de mi cama
    Death Is Sitting at the Foot of My Bed, trans. Sandy McKinney
    Visión de Hiroshima
    Vision of Hiroshima, trans. Sandy McKinney
  • José Emilio Pacheco (Mexico, 1939-)
    Alta traición
    High Treason, trans. Alastair Reid
    Indagación en torno del murciélago
    An Enquiry Concerning the Bat, trans. Alastair Reid
    Job 18, 2
    Job 18, 2, trans. Alastair Reid
    Boundaries, trans. John Frederick Nims
  • Homero Aridjis (Mexico, 1940- )
    Epitafio para un poeta
    Epitaph for a Poet, trans. John Frederick Nims
    Cae la lluvia...
    The Rain Is Falling, trans. John Frederick Nims
    Salir de la mujer es separarse
    To Emerge from a Woman Is to Become Separate, trans. W. S. Merwin
    Descomposición con risa
    Decomposition with Laughter, trans. Jerome Rothenberg
    Carta de México
    Letter from Mexico, trans. Eliot Weinberger
    El poema
    The Poem, trans. Eliot Weinberger
  • Antonio Cisneros (Peru, 1942 - )
    Karl Marx died 1883 aged 65
    Karl Marx, Died 1883 Aged 65, trans. Maureen Ahern and David Tipton
    La araña cuelga demasiado lejos de la tierra
    The Spider Hangs Too Far from the Ground, trans. William Rowe
    A una dama muerta
    To a Dead Lady, trans. Maureen Ahern and David Tipton
    Dos soledades
    • I. Hampton Court, trans. William Rowe
    • II. Paris 5e, trans. Maureen Ahern and David Tipton
  • Nancy Morejón (Cuba, 1944- )
    Mother, trans. Kathleen Weaver
    Amor, ciudad atribuída
    Love, Attributed City, trans. Kathleen Weaver
    Richard trajo su flauta
    Richard Brought His Flute, trans. Kathleen Weaver
    Desilusión para Rubén Darío
    Disillusion for Rubén Darío, trans. Kathleen Weaver
  • Octavio Armand (Cuba/U.S.A., 1946- )
    Braille para mano izquierda
    Braille for Left Hand, trans. Carol Maier
    Sonnet, trans. Jason Shinder
    Otra poética
    Another Poetics, trans. Carol Maier
    Poema con piel
    Poem with Skin, trans. Carol Maier
    A buen entendedor, pocas palabras
    A Word to the Wise, trans. Carol Maier
  • Raúl Zurita (Chile, 1951- )
    Las espejeantes playas
    The Sparkling Beaches, trans. Jack Schmitt
    La marcha de las cordilleras
    The March of the Cordilleras, trans. Jack Schmitt
    Aún abandonados florecerían
    Even Forsaken They'd Flower, trans. Jack Schmitt
    VI, trans. Jack Schmitt
    Esplendor en el viento
    Splendor in the Wind, trans. Jack Schmitt
  • Marjorie Agosin (Chile/U.S.A., 1955 - )
    La danza
    The Dance, trans. Cola Franzen
  • Appendix: Poems By Brazilian Concretists
  • Select Bibliographies: Major Works, Chiefly Poetry
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index Of First Lines (Original Language)
  • Index Of First Lines (English)
  • Index Of Authors And Titles

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