The Texas Rangers

9780292781108: Paperback
Release Date: 1st January 1965

Dimensions: 152 x 229

Number of Pages: 608

Edition: 2nd Edition

Series Texas Classics

University of Texas Press

The Texas Rangers

A Century of Frontier Defense

Paperback / £24.99

Webb's classic history of the Texas Rangers has been popular ever since its first publication in 1935. This edition is a reproduction of the original Houghton Mifflin edition.

  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgments
  • They Rode Straight Up to Death: A Preface
  • I. Texas: A Conflict of Civilizations
  • II. Out of the Revolution
  • III. The Rangers and the Republic
  • IV. From Cherokee to Comanche
  • V. The Captain Comes: John C. Hays
  • VI. The Texas Rangers in the Mexican War
  • VII. First Years in the Union
  • VIII. The Bloody Years, 1858-1859
  • IX. The Cortinas War on the Rio Grande
  • X. Sam Houston's Grand Plan
  • XI. The State Police
  • XII. McNelly and His Men in Southwest Texas
  • XIII. McNelly and the War of Las Cuevas
  • XIV. McNelly's Successors: Lee Hall and John Armstrong
  • XV. The Frontier Battalion: Major John B. Jones
  • XVI. The El Paso Salt War
  • XVII. Sam Bass: Texas's Beloved Bandit
  • XVIII. The End of the Indian Trail: The Rangers in the Far West
  • XIX. The Closed Frontier: Last Services of the Frontier Battalion
  • XX. The Texas Rangers in the Twentieth Century
  • XXI. Revolution, World War, and Prohibition
  • XXII. Frank Hamer: Modern Texas Ranger
  • XXIII. Some Adventures of a Ranger Historian
  • Bibliography
  • Index