The Papers of William Penn, Volume 2

9780812278521: Hardback
Release Date: 29th January 1982


Dimensions: 171 x 248

Number of Pages: 734

Series Papers of William Penn

University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc.

The Papers of William Penn, Volume 2


Hardback / £77.00

This volume, covering the years 1680 to 1684, documents the founding of Pennsylvania.

"Here, then, are the major documents relating to the founding of Pennsylvania. . . . They are central to understanding the early evolution of America as a complex, variegated society."—Journal of American History

"This is, of course, a story which has been told before. But never has it been so richly documented. Again we are in the debt of the Dunns and their associates at the Penn Papers for bringing us this historical treasure."—Pennsylvania History