The Investiture Controversy

9780812213867: Paperback
Release Date: 1st April 1991

Dimensions: 152 x 229

Number of Pages: 216

Series The Middle Ages Series

University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc.

The Investiture Controversy

Church and Monarchy from the Ninth to the Twelfth Century

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"This book describes the roots of a set of ideals that effected a radical transformation of eleventh-century European society that led to the confrontation between church and monarchy known as the investiture struggle or Gregorian reform. Ideas cannot be divorced from reality, especially not in the Middle Ages. I present them, therefore, in their contemporary political, social, and cultural context."—from the Preface

"The best introduction in English to the historiography, history, and central interpretive problems of the investiture controversy."—The Catholic Historical Review

"Synthesis of a high order. . . . A praisworthy accomplishment."—History, Reviews of New Books

"Blumenthal . . . not only clarifies the course of the investiture controversy as such but also sets it satisfyingly in its wider and longer context."—American Historical Review