Prose Works 1892: Volume I

9780814794289: Paperback
Release Date: 1st June 2007

Dimensions: 178 x 254

Number of Pages: 416

Series The Collected Writings of Walt Whitman

NYU Press

Prose Works 1892: Volume I

Specimen Days

Written by
Walt Whitman
Edited by
Floyd Stovall
Paperback / £23.99

General Series Editors: Gay Wilson Allen and Sculley Bradley

Originally published between 1961 and 1984, and now available in paperback for the first time, the critically acclaimed Collected Writings of Walt Whitman captures every facet of one of America's most important poets.

The two-volume set of Prose Works 1892 proves that Whitman's prose has a quality no less original and distinctive than his poetry.

Originally written and published as newspaper dispatches, Specimen Days is a collection of Whitman’s on-the-spot notes of his experiences as a volunteer nurse in the hospitals in and around Washington during the Civil War. It contains, too, his nature studies, jotted down at the Stafford Farm near Camden during the years of convalescence after his paralysis in 1873. In these records of his observations, Whitman’s love and devoted care of the individual soldiers overshadow his concern for the course of the war itself and his interest in its major personalities. He sees, above all else, the wounded men in front of him, and these he describes in the simple, direct language that unmistakably marks his poetry as well.

Praise for the original edition:

“Indispensable for the serious student of American literature, these volumes should be purchased by every college, university, and large public library.”
-Library Journal