The Changeling

9780812275247: Paperback
Release Date: 29th June 1966

Dimensions: 133 x 203

Number of Pages: 144

University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc.

The Changeling

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The Changeling is a powerful psychological tragedy of the moral degeneration of a highborn Spanish girl through a crime prompted by obsessive love. Thomas Middleton was probably responsible for the tragic plot, and William Rowley for the comic subplot concerning the antics of a young rake who contrives to have himself committed to an insane asylum for love of the proprietor's handsome wife.

Thomas Middleton (1580-1627) was a prolific and successful English Jacobean playwright and poet. William Rowley (c. 1585-1626) was an English actor and dramatist best known for works written in collaboration with other dramatists of the Elizabethan period, especially Middleton.

"This edition of The Changeling presents a spaciously printed, modernized text of the play with a very brief introduction and a minimum of commentary and textual annotation."—Notes and Queries