The Archaeology of Greece

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Release Date: 19th July 1996

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Edition: 2nd Edition

Cornell University Press

The Archaeology of Greece

An Introduction

An introduction for students, teachers, and lay readers to the delights of exploring the world of ancient Greece.
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William R. Biers wrote The Archaeology of Greece to introduce students, teachers, and lay readers to the delights of exploring the world of ancient Greece. The great popularity of the first edition testifies to his success. In his preface to the second edition, Biers points out that, while the field of Greek archaeology may seem conservative and slow-moving, it has undergone major changes, especially in regard to work on the Bronze Age.

The second edition brings information on all areas up to date, reflecting the most recent research, and it includes cross references to Perseus II, the interactive electronic data base on Archaic and Classical Greece. This edition includes new illustrations, some of recent finds, some of improved plans, and others added to enhance an explanation or to illustrate a point.

Preface to the Second Edition

1. Archaeology in Greece
2. The Minoans
3. The Mycenaeans
4. The Dark Ages
5. The Geometric Period
6. The Orientalizing Period
7. The Archaic Period
8. The Fifth Century
9. The Fourth Century
10. The Hellenistic Age

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"For a history of the art of sculpture, painting, and architecture of Classical Greece and her immediate ancestors, The Archaeology of Greece is an excellent choice."—Archaeology Newsletter (May 2000)

"William Biers' first edition of this book served well a generation of scholars and lay people alike as a standard introduction. A second edition of this valuable work is, therefore, most welcomed. . . . The Archaeology of Greece is the best general introduction to the subject. Biers' command of the subject, his engaging writing style, and the wealth of illustrations make this work in its second edition a joy to read and use."—Thomas V. Brisco, Southwestern Journal of Theology (Fall 2001)

"Biers' book is an excellent and comprehensive introduction to the subject; this new edition retains its original virtues of reliability, clarity and readability, and adds to its already generous quota of illustrations. It should continue to be a standard textbook for years to come."—Ruth Westgate, Classical Bulletin (Vol. 79. No. 2, 2003)

"Well-written and exceptionally well-illustrated. . . . An invaluable guidebook for people who want to visit Greece and understand what it is they are seeing." —Times Literary Supplement (reviewing the first edition)

"Teachers, students, and travelers should be grateful to author and press for the timely production of a well-balanced, informative, and stimulating introduction."—Archaeology (reviewing the first edition)

"An excellent book which should find a ready audience among teachers and students as the standard handbook for classes in Greek archaeology."—Classical Outlook (reviewing the first edition)