Yankee Town, Southern City

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Release Date: 1st February 1997

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Release Date: 1st February 1997

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Series The American Social Experience

NYU Press

Yankee Town, Southern City

Race and Class Relations in Civil War Lynchburg

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One of the most hotly debated issues in the historical study of race relations is the question of how the Civil War and Reconstruction affected social relations in the South. Did the War leave class and race hierarchies intact? Or did it mark the profound disruption of a long-standing social order?
Yankee Town, Southern City examines how the members of the southern community of Lynchburg, Virginia experienced four distinct but overlapping events--Secession, Civil War, Black Emancipation, and Reconstruction. By looking at life in the grog shop, at the military encampment, on the street corner, and on the shop floor, Steven Elliott Tripp illustrates the way in which ordinary people influenced the contours of race and class relations in their town.

Steven Elliott Tripp is Associate Professor of History at Grand Valley State University in Michigan.