Techniques of Kiln-formed Glass

9780812234022: Hardback
Release Date: 29th January 1997

190 illus.

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Number of Pages: 192

University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc.

Techniques of Kiln-formed Glass

This book is a must for everyone interested in glass, especially artisans and collectors.

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Kiln-forming as a technique to shape glass was in use for centuries before the Romans developed glassblowing, which has since become the more widely used method. Today, modern glass artists are rediscovering the versatility of kiln forming and are using the technique to produce works of great beauty and strength. In this book, Keith Cummings reviews the history of kiln forming and discusses pertinent materials and methods, such as slumping and fusing. The work of an international group of artists is used to illustrate the text.

Keith Cummings is a distinguished glass artist and retired head of the Glass Department at Wolverhampton University, U.K., where he remains Reader in Research Studies. He has contributed to a number of publications, and his glasswork appears in public and private collections around the world. His book A History of Glassforming, a classic in the field, is also available from the University of Pennsylvania Press.