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Studies on Istanbul and Beyond

9781934536018: Hardback
Release Date: 10th October 2007

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Number of Pages: 104

University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc.

Studies on Istanbul and Beyond

The Freely Papers, Volume 1

The city of Istanbul, its history, and institutions during the Ottoman and Republican periods.

Hardback / £23.99

Written by recipients of the John Freely Fellowship awarded annually through the American Research Institute in Turkey from a major gift from the Joukowsky Family Foundation of New York to honor a celebrated author of travel and history books, this volume focuses particular attention on the city of Istanbul, its history, and institutions during the Ottoman and Republican periods. Chapters by young scholars consider the office of the Ottoman Court Historian, opposing voices during the reign of Sultan Süleyman, naming Turkish Sabbatians, Istanbul's population variables, and changes in Turkish tobacco production.

Contributors: Emine Fetvac (Department of History of Art, Stanford University), Erbu Turan (Department of History, Fordham University), Cengiz Sisman (Department of History, TOBB-ETU University), Betül Basaran (Department of Philosophy and Religion, University of Chicago), and Ebru Kayaalp (Department of Anthropology, Rice University).

—Nina J. Koprulu

—Robert G. Ousterhout
The Office of Ottoman Court Historian
—Emine Fetvaci
Voices of Opposition in the Reign of Sultan Suleyman: The Case of Ibrahim Pasa (1523-36)
—Ebru Turan
The History of Naming the Ottoman/Turkish Sabbatians
—Cengiz Sisman
The 1829 Census and Istanbul's Population during the Late 18th and Early 19th Centuries
—Betul Basaran
An Ethnography of Virginia Tobacco Production in Turkey
—Ebru Kayaalp


Robert G. Ousterhout is Professor of Byzantine Art and Architecture and Director of the Center for Ancient Studies, University of Pennsylvania.