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  1. Emmanuel Levinas
    Emmanuel Levinas (1906–1996) has exerted a profound influence on 20th-century continental philosophy. This anthology, including Levinas's key philosophical texts over a period of more than forty years, provides an ideal introduction... Learn More
    Published: 25th November 2008
    Paperback / £17.99
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  2. The Fundamental Concepts of Metaphysics
    This book, the text of Martin Heidegger's lecture course of 1929/30, is crucial for an understanding of Heidegger's transition from the major work of his early years, Being and Time, to his later preoccupations with language,... Learn More
    Published: 22nd February 2001
    Paperback / £19.99
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  3. The Essential Husserl
    The Essential Husserl, the first anthology in English of Edmund Husserl's major writings, provides access to the scope of his philosophical studies, including selections from his key works: Logical Investigations, Ideas I and... Learn More
    Published: 22nd May 1999
    Paperback / £29.99
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  4. Parmenides


    By Martin Heidegger

    Series Studies in Continental Thought

    Indiana University Press

    Parmenides, a lecture course delivered by Martin Heidegger at the University of Freiburg in 1942-1943, presents a highly original interpretation of ancient Greek philosophy. A major contribution to Heidegger’s provocative dialogue... Learn More
    Published: 22nd July 1998
    Paperback / £16.99
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  5. Kant and the Problem of Metaphysics, Fifth Edition, Enlarged
    Since its original publication in 1929, Martin Heidegger’s provocative book on Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason has attracted much attention both as an important contribution to twentieth-century Kant scholarship and as a pivotal... Learn More
    Published: 22nd September 1997
    Paperback / £16.99
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  6. Levinas and the Trauma of Responsibility
    Levinas's account of responsibility challenges dominant notions of time, autonomy, and subjectivity according to Cynthia D. Coe. Employing the concept of trauma in Levinas's late writings, Coe draws together his understanding... Learn More
    Published: 17th January 2018
    Hardback / £70.00
    Paperback / £28.99
  7. Self-Understanding and Lifeworld
    What are the foundations of human self-understanding and the value of responsible philosophical questioning? Focusing on Heidegger's early work on facticity, historicity, and the phenomenological hermeneutics of factical-historical... Learn More
    Published: 28th August 2017
    Hardback / £54.00
  8. Sites of Exposure
    John Russon draws from a broad range of art and literature to show how philosophy speaks to the most basic and important questions in our everyday lives. In Sites of Exposure, Russon grapples with how personal experiences such... Learn More
    Published: 28th August 2017
    Hardback / £66.00
    Paperback / £24.99
  9. A Dark History of Modern Philosophy
    Delving beneath the principal discourses of philosophy from Descartes through Kant, Bernard Freydberg plumbs the previously concealed dark forces that ignite the inner power of modern thought. He contends that reason itself issues... Learn More
    Published: 14th August 2017
    Hardback / £58.00
    Paperback / £20.99
  10. Ponderings XII–XV
    Ponderings XII–XV is third in a series of four "Black Notebooks" which Martin Heidegger composed in the early years of World War II. As always with Heidegger, the thoughts expressed here are not superficial reflections on current... Learn More
    Published: 7th August 2017
    Hardback / £50.00
  11. The World on Edge
    From one of continental philosophy's most distinctive voices comes a creative contribution to spatial studies, environmental philosophy, and phenomenology. Edward S. Casey identifies how important edges are to us, not only in... Learn More
    Published: 12th July 2017
    Hardback / £74.00
    Paperback / £35.00
  12. Persuasion, Reflection, Judgment
    As one of the most respected voices of Continental philosophy today, Rodolphe Gasché pulls together Aristotle's conception of rhetoric, Martin Heidegger's debate with theory, and Hannah Arendt's conception of judgment in a single... Learn More
    Published: 3rd April 2017
    Hardback / £70.00
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    Paperback / £28.99
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  13. Shades—Of Painting at the Limit
    "[Sallis’s] ideas are presented in a singular, scholarly, remarkable, captivating, conceptually rigorous, dense, and deep manner.... Highly recommended." —Choice"This fascinating book by one of the more original voices writing... Learn More
    Published: 11th February 2017
    Paperback / £21.99
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  14. Ponderings VII–XI
    Through these broad and sprawling notebooks, Heidegger offers fascinating opinions on Holderlin, Nietzsche, Wagner, Wittgenstein, Pascal, and many others. The importance of the Black Notebooks transcends Heidegger’s relationship... Learn More
    Published: 6th February 2017
    Hardback / £50.00
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  15. The Return of Nature
    John Sallis dismantles the traditional conception of nature in this book of imagination and the cosmos. In the thought of Emerson, Hegel, and Schelling, Sallis discerns the seeds of an understanding of nature that goes against... Learn More
    Published: 30th September 2016
    Hardback / £58.00
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    Paperback / £20.99
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  16. Interpretation of Nietzsche's Second Untimely Meditation
    Published: 12th September 2016
    Hardback / £45.00
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