Resurgent Antisemitism

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Release Date: 19th June 2013

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Series Studies in Antisemitism

Indiana University Press

Resurgent Antisemitism

Global Perspectives

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Dating back millennia, antisemitism has been called "the longest hatred." Thought to be vanquished after the horrors of the Holocaust, in recent decades it has once again become a disturbing presence in many parts of the world. Resurgent Antisemitism presents original research that elucidates the social, intellectual, and ideological roots of the "new" antisemitism and the place it has come to occupy in the public sphere. By exploring the sources, goals, and consequences of today's antisemitism and its relationship to the past, the book contributes to an understanding of this phenomenon that may help diminish its appeal and mitigate its more harmful effects.

Introduction Alvin H. Rosenfeld
1 Anti-Zionism, Anti-Semitism, and the Rhetorical Manipulation of Reality Bernard Harrison
2 Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism as a Moral Question Elhanan Yakira
3 Manisfestations of Antisemitism in British Cultural and Intellectual Life Paul Bogdanor
4 Between Old and New Antisemitism: The Image of Jews in Present-day Spain Alejandro Baer
5 Antisemitism Redux: On Literary and Theoretical Perversions Bruno Chaouat
6 Anti-Zionism and the Resurgence of Antisemitism in Norway Eirik Eiglad
7 Antisemitism Redivivus: The Rising Ghosts of a Calamitous Inheritance in Hungary and Romania Szilvia Peremiczky
8 Comparative and Competitive Victimization in the Post-Communist Sphere Zvi Gitelman
9 The Catholic Church, Radio Maryja, and the Question of Antisemitism in Poland Anna Sommer Schneider
10 Antisemitism among Young European Muslims Gunther Jikeli
11 The Banalisation of Hate: Antisemitism in Contemporary Turkey Rifat Bali
12 Antisemitism’s Permutations in the Islamic Republic of Iran Jamsheed Choksy
13 The Israeli Scene – Political Criticism and the Politics of Anti-Zionism Ilan Avisar
14 The Roots of Antisemitism in the Middle East: New Debates Matthias Küntzel
15 Anti-Zionist Connections: Communism, Radical Islam, and the Left Robert Wistrich
16 Present-day Antisemitism and the Centrality of the Jewish Alibi Emanuele Ottolenghi
17 Holocaust Denial and the Image of the Jew or: "They Boycott Auschwitz as an Israeli Product" Dina Porat
18 Identity Politics, the Pursuit of Social Justice, and the Rise of Campus Antisemitism: A Case Study Tammi Rossman-Benjamin
19 The End of the Holocaust and the Beginnings of a New Antisemitism Alvin Rosenfeld
List of contributors

Alvin H. Rosenfeld holds the Irving M. Glazer Chair in Jewish Studies and is Professor of English and Founding Director of the Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism at Indiana University Bloomington. He is author of A Double Dying: Reflections on Holocaust Literature, Imagining Hitler, and The End of the Holocaust, all published by IU Press.

Indispensable to our understanding of contemporary antisemitism and how these new variations are informed and empowered by classical themes . . . a key text that helps to frame the intellectual debates now developing in the new field of Antisemitism Studies.

Catherine D. Chatterley
author of Disenchantment: George Steiner and the Meaning of Western Culture after Auschwitz

Extremely interesting, timely, well researched, and well argued . . . the book makes a major contribution to our understanding of a very important and deeply troubling issue.

Maurice Samuels
Yale University

The authors make their case for paying closer attention to contemporary expressions of antisemitism. Interested academic and general readers will want to do so through this book.

Library Journal

The editor has culled articles from outstanding, thorough and sophisticated scholars representing diverse disciplines. The result is a brilliantly nuanced geographical and ideological atlas whichanalyzes the coordinates of antisemitism in its malevolent tentacles all over the world. The breadth of the inquiry is astonishing . . .

Jewish Post & Opinion

Resurgent Antisemitism: Global Perspectives helps to frame the debates now current in the field of Antisemitism Studies. As such, the book moves the field forward at a crucial time in its development.

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

Resurgent Antisemitism is a key text that helps to frame the intellectual debates now developing in the field of Antisemitism Studies and as such it has the potential to help move the field forward intellectually, something which is indeed crucial at this moment in time.

Scholars for Peace in the Middle East

Resurgent Antisemitism: Global Perspectives is a key text that helps to frame the intellectual debates now developing in the field of Antisemitism Studies and as such it has the potential to help move the field forward intellectually, something which is indeed crucial at this moment in time.

Israel Book Review

Despite its more than 500 pages, the book’s many subjects and perspectives ensure it never ceases to be interesting, and it does an outstanding job of describing the chilling diversity of anti-Semitism today.

ForeWord Reviews

Resurgent Antisemitism is an important study and includes numerous interesting voices, not merely academics, but also activists and writers.

Jerusalem Post Magazine

The present collection lays bare the double-think, identifies modern libels, and counters them with historical knowledge; it maps paths for further retrieval of such knowledge. It grants its audience a fuller understanding of the resurgent antisemitism not only as a social but also as an intellectual phenomenon, a nexus of different strands of cultural history.

Modern Judaism

More than an excellent survey, Resurgent Antisemitism heralds the emergence of an international study of anti-Semitism, replete with both grand established figures and emerging young stars.

Brandeis Brief

This new book . . . comes as a bright flare of warning about the renewal of the ancient hatred of Jews . . . Adolf Hitler nearly succeeded in wiping out European Jewry. Today his goal has gone global.

National Catholic Reporter