Structure and Meaning in Human Settlement

9781931707831: Hardback
Release Date: 28th November 2005

220 color illus.

Dimensions: 229 x 305

Number of Pages: 376

University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc.

Structure and Meaning in Human Settlement

Hardback / £56.00

This book explores the relationships between form, space, and cultural meaning in human habitation. Authors from a variety of disciplines and international sites address the possibilities of common ground in architectural theories about place and dwelling, anthropological research on settlement archaeology, and the study of cultural landscapes and geography. Illustrated with 220 full-color images, this book is a unique attempt to combine thinking about cultural meaning in space and settlements, both ancient and contemporary.


1. Building and knowing
2. Animal settlements: ecological functionalism of animal architecture
3. Settlement patterns in Americanist archaeology
4. The idea of a Maya town
5. Cosmological structures of ancient Egyptian city planning
6. Mohenjo-Daro: the symbolic landscape of an ancient city
7. Holy mountains
8. The ontological structure of mediance as a ground of meaning in architecture
9. Three gestures in a poetics of place : Chinese settlement and disruption
10. The language of cultural memory in Chinese gardens
11. A culture without a temple: ritual landscape sanctuaries and female superiority in state religion in Ryukyu
12. Etruscan boundaries and prophecy
13. Razing the roof: the imperative of building destruction in Danhome (Dahomey)
14. Signs of the ancestors: an archaeology of mesa villages of the Pueblo revolt
15. Imagining the past
16. The oasis model
17. The evolution of settlement: fieldwork at Zuni Pueblo 1995-97
18. The primitive origins of modern architecture: Le Corbusier's Voyage to the East
19. Symbolic settlements: the American ideological tension between private homes and public housing
20. Transplanting the New Jersey Turnpike to China
21. Landscape ecology and cities
22. Settlements after now
23. 21st century nomadism and settlement
24. Materials matter in urban architecture