Social Partnerships for Training

9780889117556: Hardback
Release Date: 10th June 1997

Number of Pages: 374

Series Queen's Policy Studies Series

McGill-Queen's University Press

Social Partnerships for Training

Canada's Experiment with Labour Force Development Boards

Hardback / £91.00

This study of social partnerships in the establishment of labour force development boards provides important food for thought for Canadians interested in the continuing problem of high unemployment in Canada. Drawing on recent theory in political science and comparative public policy, Social Partnerships for Training considers obstacles and opportunities associated with active labour market policies in Canada. It takes us through some important experiments in Ontario, Quebec, and other provinces and shows how the complexities of Canadian federalism, Quebec nationalism, and class relations befuddle efforts at new policy approaches. The book also highlights the importance of a lack of political will on the part of our politicians to pursue new policy directions. The curious fate of the development boards tells us a great deal about how labour market policy-making in Canada actually works. The challenge is whether we can build on what was learned about the social partnership approach to active labour market adjustment.