Rethinking the "Romance of the Rose"

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Release Date: 1st September 1992

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Series The Middle Ages Series

University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc.

Rethinking the "Romance of the Rose"

Text, Image, Reception

Represents all the major areas of current work on the Romance of the Rose, both in America and in Europe.

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The Romance of the Rose has been a controversial text since it was written in the thirteenth century. There is evidence for radically different readings as as early as the first half of the fourteenth century. The text provided inspiration for both courtly and didactic poets. Some read it as a celebration of human love; others as an erudite philosophical work; still others as a satirical representation of social and sexual follies. On one hand it was praised as an edifying treatise, on the other condemned as lascivious and misogynistic.

Kevin Brownlee and Sylvia Huot and the contributors to this volume—Pierre-Yves Badel, Emmanuele Baumgartner, John V. Fleming, Robert Pogue Harrison, David F. Hult, Stephen G. Nichols, Lee Patterson, Daniel Poirion, Karl D. Uitti, Dieuwke E. van der Poel, and Lori Walters—represent all the major areas of current work on the Romance of the Rose, both in American and in Europe. The volume will be of value to students and scholars of medieval literature, intellectual history, and art history.

Kevin Brownlee is Professor of Romance Languages at the University of Pennsylvania. Sylvia Huot is Professor of Medieval French Literature at the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Pembroke College.

"This is a major contribution to Rose scholarship and more generally to the field of medieval studies."—R. Howard Bloch