Reports on the Vrokastro Area, Eastern Crete, Volume 2

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Release Date: 29th July 2004

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University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc.

Reports on the Vrokastro Area, Eastern Crete, Volume 2

The Settlement History of the Vrokastro Area and Related Studies

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Data gathered through systematic survey detail the settlement history of the Vrokastro region from the Final Neolithic period through the early part of the twentieth century. Each period is introduced by an environmental pattern for the settlement, with a brief summary of project methodology and goals, a description of the regional topography and botany, and a synopsis of the regional topography and hydrology. The penultimate chapter and conclusions present a summary of the regional settlement history, growth, demographics, and a prospectus concerning future work in the Vrokastro region.

An accompanying CD-ROM includes six appendices—Survey Methodology, Catalogue of Chipped and Ground Stone Implements, Agricultural and Demographic Tables, the Agricultural Year in the Vrokastro Area, Panaghia Phaneromeni Documentation, and the Holocene Evolution of the Istron Area, Mirabello—tables, and a chart on epigraphical data. Content of the book's CD-ROM may be found online at this location:

Other contributing scholars: H.M.C. Dierckx, G. Harrison, J. Moody, G. Postma, C. Rackham, and A.B. Stallworth.

University Museum Monograph, 119

Barbara J. Hayden is Senior Research Specialist in the Mediterranean Section of the University of Pennsylvania Museum.