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  1. Courts Liberalism And Rights
    In the courts, the best chance for achieving a broad set of rights for gays and lesbians lies with judges who view liberalism as grounded in an expansion of rights rather than a constraint of government activity. At a time when... Learn More
    Published: 2nd October 2005
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  2. Officially Gay
    In 1993, simply the idea that lesbians and gays should be able to serve openly in the military created a firestorm of protest from right-wing groups and powerful social conservatives that threatened to derail the entire agenda... Learn More
    Published: 24th June 2003
    Paperback | £21.99
  3. From Identity To Politics
    Liberal democracy has provided a certain degree of lesbian and gay rights. But those rights, as we now know, are not unlimited, and they continue to be the focus of efforts by lesbian and gay movements in the United States to... Learn More
    Published: 20th November 2001
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  4. Sexual Strangers
    Is the United States a heterosexual regime? If it is, how may we understand the political position of those who cannot or will not align themselves with heterosexuality? With these provocative questions, Shane Phelan raises the... Learn More
    Published: 15th January 2001
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  5. Laboring For Rights
    How do unions around the world respond to issues raised by sexual minorities? Much as been written on labor's response to issues raised by women and racial minorities, but there has been little work done on labor's engagement... Learn More
    Published: 15th October 1999
    Paperback | £34.00
  6. Queer Family Values
    American culture is at war over \u0022family values.\u0022 And with the issue of gay and lesbian marriage often at the center of this discourse, notable thinkers like Andrew Sullivan, William Eskridge, Urvashi Vaid, and Torie... Learn More
    Published: 20th May 1999
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  7. A Nation by Rights
    Hardback | £72.00
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