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Release Date: 12th June 2018

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Release Date: 12th June 2018

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Release Date: 12th June 2018

Dimensions: 152.4 x 228.6

Number of Pages: 140

Edition: 1st Edition

Series Lit Z

Fordham University Press


Written by
Jean-Luc Nancy
Translated by
Sarah Clift
Simon Sparks
Introduced by
Jeffrey S. Librett
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This book examines the practice of portraits as a way in to grasping the paradoxes of subjectivity. To Nancy, the portrait is suspended between likeness and strangeness, identity and distance, representation and presentation, exactitude and forcefulness. It can identify an individual, but it can also express the dynamics by means of which its subject advances and withdraws.
The book consists of two extended essays written a decade apart but in close conversation, in which Nancy considers the range of aspirations articulated by the portrait. Heavily illustrated, it includes a newly written preface bringing the two essays together and a substantial Introduction by Jeffrey Librett, which places Nancy’s work within the range of thinking of aesthetics and the subject, from religion, to aesthetics, to psychoanalysis.
Though undergirded by a powerful grasp of the philosophical and psychoanalytic tradition that has rendered our sense of the subject so problematic, Nancy’s book is at heart a delightful, unpretentious reading of three dozen portraits, from ancient drinking mugs to recent experimental or parodic pieces in which the artistic representation of a sitter is made from their blood, germ cultures, or DNA.
The contemporary world of ubiquitous photos, Nancy argues, in no way makes the portrait a thing of the past. On the contrary, the forms of appearing that mark the portrait continue to challenge how we see the bodies and representations that dominate our world.

Preface to the English-Language Edition
Introduction: The Subject of the Portrait
By Jeffrey S. Librett
The Look of the Portrait
The Autonomous Portrait
The Other Portrait
List of Figures

Jean-Luc Nancy (Author)
Jean-Luc Nancy is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the Université Marc Bloch, Strasbourg. His wide-ranging thought is developed in many books, including Expectation: Philosophy, Literature; The Possibility of a World; The Banality of Heidegger; The Disavowed Community; and, with Adèle Van Reeth, Coming (all Fordham).
Jeffrey S. Librett (Introducer)
Jeffrey S. Librett is Professor of German at the University of Oregon.
Sarah Clift (Translator)
Sarah Clift is Assistant Professor of Contemporary Studies at the University of King's College, Halifax.