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Temple University Press


Female Fandom in the United States

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The travails in the changing world of women as athletes and sports fans

Preface and Acknowledgments

1 Youth
The Origins of Gender Difference in Sport

2 Women in Men’s Worlds
 Process of Exclusion and Suppression of Females in Male-Dominated Realms Other Than Sport

3 Women as Sports Producers
 Progress and Problems

4 Fandom and the Typical Female Sports Fan

5 Sportista I: Professional Women in the Contested Space of Sports Media
 Issues of Entry and Acceptance

6 Sportista II: Following as a Hobby, the A-Typical Female Sports Fan
 Superfans in Their Own Right, with Their Own Voice, and Speaking Their Own Language


Appendix: Lists of Interviewees

Andrei S. Markovits is Arthur F. Thurnau Professor and the Karl W. Deutsch Collegiate Professor of Comparative Politics and German Studies at the University of Michigan. He has published prolifically on German and European politics and on sports. His most recent book is Gaming the World: How Sports Are Reshaping Global Politics and Culture.

Emily Albertson graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor's degree in sociology and is currently a student at the University of Michigan Law School.